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10 Reasons Why CONNECTICUT is the Wedding Capitol of New England


When most people think of CT (who don’t live in CT), they envision a yuppie paradise full of cul de sac neighborhoods, BMWs in every parking spot, and everyone resembles Barbie & Ken. Believe it or not, that only accounts for 1% of Connecticut. The rest of Connecticut is very diverse and a melting pot of culture, ethnicity, and music. That would explain why Connecticut is the Wedding Capitol of New England.

Being the 2nd smallest state in the Union has it’s benefits. In the heart of Connecticut, you are only about an hour and a half from New York City and two hours from Boston. You can imagine the baseball rivalries that happen here. But what about weddings?

Here are the 10 reasons why Connecticut is the Wedding Capitol of New England.

1. Wedding and event Venues

Connecticut was one of the first states incorporated in the nation. Because of that, there are many historic properties that host weddings. Places like the Wadsworth Mansion, Saint Clements, and Gillette castle are just a few places that hold historical significance. So if you’re looking to enjoy sophistication and old world charm, these might be some great choices for you.

If marble, gold, and architecture is your thing, Connecticut is the place for you. With the highest concentration of Italian-American citizens in the United States, they’ve brought their passion for fine masonry and lavish decor. Venues such as The Aqua Turf, Farmington Club, The Riverview, Waterview, La Bella Vista, Grand Oak Villa and Connecticut’s newest addition, Aria, the possibilities are endless. The mediterranean influenced cuisine paired with the stunning marble architecture and sculptures are the perfect setting for the most regal of occasions.

If you’re a country bumpkin or appreciate the simpler things in life and love a venue with rustic charm, Connecticut has some great country and barn wedding venues to choose from. Venues like Bill Miller’s Castle, Wood Acres Farm, The Barns at Wesleyan and Winvian are a must see.

One of Connecticut’s best features is it’s waterfront property. From the Litchfield Hills to the shoreline, theres a perfect wedding destination waiting for you. If you’re a land lover and want to stay off the shoreline, venues like The Riverhouse at Goodspeed Station and The Pavillion on Crystal Lake are great locations. Wanna be on the shore? Check out places like Anthony’s Ocean View and The Mystic Seaport.

But more than venues, we’ve got even more to offer. Wedding professionals are at a 1 to 100 ratio.

2. There’s a DJ for EVERY BRIDE in CT.
From simple to lavish and conservative to liberal, you’ll find it here in CT. Because of the massive ethnic diversity, Connecticut has a DJ for every nationality, personality, and preference not to mention, every budget.

3. Four seasons means LOTS of flowers to choose from.
Just in Cheshire Connecticut alone, there are HUNDREDS of greenhouses. It’s the greenhouse capitol of New England. Connecticut at one time was plentiful in farms.. From the vibrant spring flora to the earthy autumn, Connecticut’s flower farms are sure to please. Many venues also feature seasonal favorites that make a spectacular backdrop for wedding photos.

4. Wedding Paparazzi that Hollywood would be jealous of.
Wedding photographers are plentiful here. The scenic backdrops of New England have brought many photographers here. Because Connecticut is considered a ‘High End’ wedding state, we have some of the best photographers that you can find. Timeless photos from Eric Foley. Simply sarcastic photography from Sassy Mouth Photo. Mike Ross offers a classic photojournalistic style. Photo Expressions is fantastic at finding the perfect backdrop for your photos. And don’t forget about Connecitcut’s favorite bad boy, Airen Miller for something modern, edgy, and very svelte. Pair any of these photographers with picturesque New England and you’ve got a winning combination!

5. A truly Cinematic Experience.
mebCINEMA, Inspiration in Motion, and Custom Made Video are true artisans at what they do. This won’t be your parent’s wedding video. Each one of them are truly talented in capturing the best moments on film. But don’t take my word for it, have a look for yourself on our wedding page.

6. See you in 30 minutes or less.
No matter where you are in Connecticut, you will find a wedding happening within 30 minutes travel time of each other. Being such a small and concentrated state, travelling to your wedding is a snap!

7. And speaking of travelling, go in style.
Limos are big business here. Connecticut is the halfway point between New York and Boston and many people, some Very Important People live and work here. So there is no shortage of high end transportation to suit your needs. From classic Cadillac limousines , to party busses and stretch hummers, you can travel in style. Prospect Limo and Gateway Limo are some of the finest transportation resources in the area.

8. Unwavering Tradition
Connecticut is a progressive state however, we believe in tradition and the consistency of old world values. Because of this, service is KING in Connecticut. Expect to be pampered and your every desire met. It’s just how we roll.

9. Cruise Control.
If you have a love of the water, Connecticut is a great place for your special day. With hundreds of miles of shoreline on Long Island Sound, The Connecticut, and Housatonic Rivers, you can take advantage of many of the yacht and charter tours that run every day. If you’re from Long Island and your wedding is here in CT, travelling just got easier. Enjoy one of three ferries that run every hour from Long Island to Connecticut.

10. It’s all about convenience.
With so many things to think about on your special day, it’s not uncommon to forget something or need a last minute item. Connecticut was built for convenience. You won’t have to travel far to find what you need. Connecticut is also home to hundreds of 5 star hotels for the convenience of guests with overnight accommodations.

All in all, Connecticut is the go to place for everything Wedding.