10 things a smart bride never says

10 things a smart bride never says

10 things a smart bride never says:

“It’s all what you make of it.”

You’ve heard your parents, grandparents, teachers, and friends say that phrase before. It sounds like a meme you’d read on facebook but, it’s short, sweet and to the point. When it comes to weddings, this statement couldn’t be anything closer to the truth.

While many people will tell you that weddings typically cost 5 times more than the average party, they’d be correct. There’s a reason for that though. When you lay your money down on the table for something, does it meet your expectations? Was it everything you wanted and more? What is the most important feature that you want for your wedding? And how do you get the most value from it? It’s all a matter of priority.

We hear many stories from once bridesmaids turned bride on what their experiences and the experiences of their friend (the bride) had at their wedding. Some are full of happy memories and some not. Here are the 10 things a smart bride never says.

1. Aww man, I wish I could have done this instead of that.

2. I had a buddy of mine take care of (insert assorted wedding service here) because he was cheap and available.

3. We really wanted a photo booth for our wedding because they were so much fun but we figured, people are just gonna take selfies in the bathroom anyway so, what the hell.

4. Thank god we opted for the chair coverings and chocolate fountain. It really made the wedding more amazing than I had hoped.

5. I didn’t allow my DJ to stray from my playlist and as a result, I loved the music. Nobody was dancing though, that DJ sucks.

6. It’s my wedding. The guests are there for me. They should be happy to get a free meal.

7. I spent $10,000 my dress that I will wear for exactly 14 hours in my lifetime and now I don’t have enough money to buy all the things that Pinterest told me that I need for my wedding.

8. I am going to wear these 5 inch heels if it kills me.

9. My DJ never showed up and he kept the $300 we paid him even after he promised he’d do my wedding.

10. My wedding SUCKED!