A few tears, a ripped dress, and a little comic relief

Last night was no ordinary night for Jen & Sean. After many years of courtship, they decided to tie the knot (literally) during their wedding ceremony at the Grand Oak Villa in Watertown, CT. Over 120 guests were in attendance for this fun filled affair.

In typical New England style, rain showers for the past week made things a bit nerve racking for our bride and groom due to the uncertainty of the weather but as luck would have it, mother nature came through with a flawless day.

After the ceremony, the bridal party took their formal pictures and headed into the reception. BUT, not before a near fall down a steep slope by our bride. Sean, her knight in shining armor managed to catch his new bride just in time but not before her beautiful wedding dress popped a clasp leaving the back of her dress undone.

So far, we were off to a rocky start but, when everyone came inside, her team of bridesmaids really pulled together and fixed the dress and made her comfortable. As a bit of comic relief, I brought my trusty roll off black gaffers tape to lend a hand with mending her dress. It was good to see her give a chuckle after what had just happened which let me know that she was just fine. Jen is a trooper.

Now come the introductions. But let’s back up for a moment. A few weeks earlier, one of the groomsmen, “Chris” has unexpectedly passed away. He was a very dear friend to Jen & Sean. But he was surely not forgotten. During a toast to the bride and groom, the best man paid a small tribute to their dear friend.

After dinner and a few tender moments dancing with their parents, Jen & Sean took part in a fun traditional Anniversary Dance. The oldest married couple was happily married 37 years which is always wonderful to see. It was a testament to Jen & Sean’s love for one another and a shining example of what is to come for them many years later.

And now…. the fun begins. In 19 years of entertaining at events, I can safely say that this wedding was one of the most fun and heartfelt weddings I have had the pleasure of attending. From the start of open dance, through 3 hours straight of a packed dancefloor, this wedding was amazing. The very last song of the night was Jen & Sean’s wedding song “Then” by Brad Paisley. All of the guests joined them on the floor for one last dance before the night was through at the stroke of midnight. It was a fantastic end to a wonderful day.

Congratulations to Jen & Sean on their new journey as husband and wife. Best wishes to you both!

Thanks to Grand Oak Villa for being amazing as always and to Tracy Harvey Photography. We’ll see you on the road!