Behind the Music – The Pryme Tyme Entertainment Story…

Behind the Music – The Pryme Tyme Entertainment Story…

During the summer 1993 my father purchased a sound system for my band to use. Later on that year, the band broke up and I was still left with this sound system.

I loved music and had quite a diverse library that included cassettes, vinyl, and a few CD’s. (They were $22 a piece back then). I then thought it would be a neat idea to try to make money with this great equipment I had.

I started off slow doing parties for friends and landed my first paying gig at the Elks Club on Friday nights paying me just $100 per night. Because I was playing for an older crowd, it really helped me diversify and learn about all genres of music as well as the music of my generation.

That being said, In the fall of 1995 I started Pryme Tyme DJ company. A good friend of mine partnered up with me and he took care of the bar/younger gigs and I started doing weddings.

I was also working for a production house called TECH Services (now TECH Theatrical). I got my first taste of the entertainment industry and all it had to offer. At the age of 16 I was working as a technician for presidential visits, and gubernatorial debates.

Years later I worked for one of the top DJ companies in CT. Powerstation Events. I learned more about efficiency, technology, and service excellence.

Fast forward to 2000, I went back on my own as Pryme Tyme Entertainment and started incorporating my connections and networking into the business. This helped me grow tremendously in the marketplace not only offering DJ services but lighting, sound reinforcement, staging and rigging, and just about anything else you can think of to put on an event.

In 2008 I relaunched Pryme Tyme Entertainment in Central New York and after the economy fell through, moved back to CT. In February 2010, Pryme Tyme Entertainment and TECH Theatrical joined forces to provide Southern New England with all of it’s production needs.

Looking back now at how far I have come in 15 years, I would do it all over again. I have the best job in the world, in a very diverse marketplace. One thing has not changed over the past decade and a half, my goal is great entertainment, excellent service, and exceptional value.

Hope you enjoyed this story.

-Aaron DeMarest
Pryme Tyme Entertainment