bidding on dj services

Bidding on DJs to get the best price

You’re a thrifty shopper. You look at those reward points after leaving the grocery store and smile with pride because you know you just saved a ton of money by buying that extra value pack of toilet paper. Nicely done!

But when you’re shopping around for DJ services or ANY services for that matter, you’ve got to get down to where the rubber meets the road to really see if all things are equal. In a DJ forum tonight, someone asked the question, “DO you give people a price sheet at your meetings for when they leave?” That’s a good question. Shopping and bargain hunting is what we as humans are programmed to do. In most cases, it’s a great ideology for things like shopping for home heating oil, electricity and canned goods. Those are common commodities that have very little variation from one to the next. But when it comes to something as specific as wedding djs, they are miles apart in preference. In the end, the value is in the eye of the beholder.

So Aaron, if you’re telling me that bidding on DJ services isn’t the right way to find my dj, what does that mean?
There’s a few things to consider when you’re looking for the right person for the job. With what we offer, it’s a personality based service. Just like your favorite actors, musicians, comedians, etc. One person’s Lewis Black might be another person’s Louis CK. And even though these two comedians are often lumped together for their raw and edgy performances, they are in fact 2 different people with 2 different offerings. The same can be said for DJs.

But beyond personality types, what else should you look for when the sticker shock sets in? You need to look at experience. If when you ask questions during a meeting, the person you’re speaking with has all of the right answers, chances are they’re a good fit. If they answer questions you didn’t know you had or addressed concerns before they were considered, they are most DEFINITELY a good fit. There are other things to consider as well. Things like service offerings. If you are looking for a wedding dj in ct as well as a ceremony sound system and intelligent lighting for your celebration, chances are, it’s going to run you somewhere in the neighborhood of $1900-2500 respectively. But if you’re meeting with a DJ who is willing to give away the farm for $650 and claims they can deliver the same experience as the $2500 DJ with a proven track record, you should be suspect of them.

Think of your wedding dj as an investment in an asset. Your home for example. Would you want to put peel and stick tile that is susceptible to peeling and cracking within 5 years in your kitchen, or would you rather have ceramic or marble tile installed that will last decades? Buy it once and never worry about it again. The same can be said for your wedding dj. Choose the best option and you should be worry free for your wedding day or roll the dice and hope for the best. The choice is yours.