Wedding Bouquet Toss

Bouquet Toss Alternatives

Bouquet Toss Alternatives

The one wedding formality that you see in every movie, every wedding album and video is the bouquet toss. But what is the bouquet toss all about? It’s kind of like passing the torch. The bride has reached a zenith in her life by marrying her partner and the bouquet toss is symbolic of passing on good luck and best wishes to one of her single friends in hopes to find happiness in marriage some day. But for some brides, they may not have any single ladies in need of a wedding bouquet on their special day. Or maybe the idea of throwing $200 worth of flowers across the room just doesn’t sound appealing. Either way, if you’re hung up on trying to find an alternative for the traditional wedding bouquet toss, consider a few of these options.

1. The anniversary dance:

The anniversary dance has been around for quite some time as a fun wedding tradition seeking out the oldest married couple. Your wedding dj will play a timeless slow dance tune and invite the newlyweds and all of the married couples up to the dancefloor. And then the dj will instruct couples that were married closest to the wedding date of the newlyweds to make their way to the side of the dance floor. He will repeat this process in 5, 10, 15 year increments until the last and longest married couple remains. As an alternative to the bouquet toss, the bride can award the longest married couple with her bouquet as a sentiment to honor them. It’s fun, sweet, and is a good way to segue way to open dancing.

2. The Scavenger hunt:

Now as a child, you’ve probably played this game at summer camp or on the playground in middle school. But with weddings, the finds are a tad more upscale than finding the snapping turtle by the creek. Hiding the brides bouquet at a wedding in a sea of floral centerpieces isn’t too hard and can be done prior to the reception. It’s a fun opportunity for dinner service while people are eating because they will be able to get together in teams and while mingling be on the look out for the bouquet.

3. The mother/son dance:

She raised her son to be a gentleman who will treat his bride with the love and admiration she deserves. As a thank you, a sweet gesture might be to offer her your wedding bouquet. After the mother/son dance, the bride can come to the center of the dance floor and give her mother in law the bouquet and a warm embrace. This also makes for a great photo opportunity!