The Bridal Party Packet | Wedding Planning Essentials

The Bridal Party Packet | Wedding Planning Essentials

You’ve been planning your wedding for months now and we’re getting down to the wire. All of your hard work is about to come to fruition in just a few short weeks. So what’s next?

While on WeddingWire, I saw a great wedding planning idea for keeping things organized for your bridal party. Wedding packets. Yes. A go-to resource for your bridal party that gives them the details of your special day and assignments as necessary. As Ashley said, “Nothing bridezilla like” just something to keep VIPs informed.

Being very organized for your special day is important as it helps guide the flow of the day and allows events to go smoothly. So what should you include in your wedding packet? Here are a few suggestions…

1. Date, Time, and location of your wedding and reception.

2. A who’s who and what order they will need to be in for your introductions.

3. A timeline of events. (Ex: Ceremony at 4pm, pictures to follow. Cocktail hour at 5pm with more pictures to follow. Reception Start 6pm etc.)

4. Things to bring. (Comfortable shoes, a small purse or handbag with your personals that can easily be carried in formal attire.

5. leave all cell phones, ipads, electronic gadgets in the car or your purse during photos. (This will speed up the photography process without distraction or interruption of social media updates)
6. Assign different tasks to your bridal party. (Grabbing coffee on the way to getting ready for the big day, fielding phone calls for the bride and groom so they can concentrate on their wedding, keeping in contact with vendors to ensure that they are in place and ready to go)

With the right bridal packet, you, your bridal party and guests can enjoy a fun, stress free, and memorable experience on your special day.