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Pryme Tyme Entertainment features a new and improved photo booth!

You asked and we listened.
We’ve just taken delivery on our new photo booth with lots of new and fun features and upgrades. As our clients become more and more tech savvy, we’ve raised the bar again to help get the most out of your photo booth experience.

From fully customizable photo templates and touch screen interface, to fully integrated social media sharing and video. Our booth does it all. But even with all of these upgrades, one thing has not changed. Service. All of our booths come with a helpful attendant and a generous helping of props for everyone to enjoy.

Because we’re so excited about our new booth, we’re offering 50% off our regular price for events booked now through December 31st! Check out our promo below.

Pryme Tyme is HIRING!

Pryme Tyme Entertainment wants YOU!

Part Time – Paid Entertainment Apprenticeship

Think you have what it takes to be a PTE DJ? Pryme Tyme Entertainment is currently looking for talented individuals who want to take their career to the next level. We LOVE what we do and have a passion for entertainment. Are you currently an experienced mobile DJ who is looking to join a team? Just starting out as a DJ in high school or college and want to take your passion to the next level? Have a specialty or a strong cultural background in music? Let us know! We pride ourselves on being able to entertain the most diverse of guests. Prior experience is a plus but not necessary. Training is available.

Our mission is to create a fun and engaging atmosphere at our events by fusing our love of music, drive for perfection, and thrill of helping our clients celebrate some of the most memorable times in their life. From weddings to schools and corporate to non profit, Pryme Tyme Entertainment is there.

So if you’ve got a fun personality, a can-do attitude, and a passion for events, contact with your resume or call 203-437-7047 to set up an interview. Competitive pay. Formal attire, reliable transportation, and a strong work ethic required. We look forward to meeting you!

Check out this DJ’s package.

Check out DJ Packages.

It’s the first line of nearly every email that we get. “HI I’m Samantha and I would like to know what your dj packages are. Thanks.”

Of course you do! You are trying to plan your budget for your wedding dj or event. It makes sense. The first question anyone asks when trying to get all of their ducks in a row is about price. And why shouldn’t you? It’s an important question. But think about this. If you’ve ever called a cable company or a satellite provider and set up service, you probably know their schtick by heart. And it probably sounds a lot like what you’d expect a DJ to say. So many DJs across the country are also programmed to respond with tantalizing packages to make the largest one seem appealing. But, what if you’re not looking for 100 uplights, two 90″ TVs with hip hop videos and a 2 man entertainment team? What if your wedding is supposed to be a laid back affair with family and friends? DO you really need all of that stuff? Or better yet, does the venue you chose for it’s beauty and charm really fit with the 2016 equivalent to Studio 54?

If not, that’s ok! But, if you did want to go for the gusto, you could always have those options. Ultimately, the choice is yours. If you look at our wedding dj prices page you’ll notice that there are just 4 things offered on that page. These are our most popular options that people ask for. You certainly aren’t limited to those four and there are many more enhancements to choose from depending on your preferences but, we don’t want to limit you to what you can or cannot have by forcing you into a decision that just doesn’t work. Much like the cable tiers that include the basic channels, about 40 more that you don’t care about, and if you act now, they’ll throw in a month of Starz and 20 home shopping channels if you sign a 3 year contract today, you know and I know that you’re probably going to watch about 10% of what they are offering. And if you did want just one channel that isn’t included in that tier, you’d have to upgrade to a lot more undesired channels to get the one you’re looking for and pay exponentially more. In that scenario, who comes out on top?

We have a simple philosophy that we work from. “Take care of the client and everything else takes care of itself.” That’s why we don’t offer vacuum sealed, pre-made, postage paid packages for the events that we do. When you sit down at your first meeting, we want to know what YOU want so that WE can help you reach your goals for getting the wedding dj, lighting, photo booth, and any other amenities that you’re looking for. And by forming that partnership with you, it allows us to create one of a kind experiences for you and your guests.

So grab a pencil and a pad, and dream away. It’s not the Pryme Tyme show, its all about you.

Invoice vs Contract

Hiring a DJ: Invoice vs DJ Contract

Hiring a DJ: Invoice vs DJ Contract

Hiring a DJ is something most people do at least once in their lives for a variety of ocassions. For many it might be their wedding and for others, it could be a corporate event or private affair. But in all of these instances and with so many DJs out there, each one has a different business model that they follow.

Invoices are popular when it comes to service companies of all types. Take your home heating oil provider. They will fill your tank and leave an invoice for you at your door to find when you come home from work. If you have already signed a service agreement with them to provide service, you are obligated to pay for the services rendered. But if not, they are leaving you their product in good faith that you will pay for it regardless of what they write down on the invoice. It’s a scaryer their proposition for both consumer and company. But, it’s a risk that business owners take every day.

But think about this in terms of the consumer. How does “good faith” work? If you hired a DJ on a handshake or a verbal confirmation, you are taking a leap of faith that the DJ will come to your event prepared to render their service to you and your guests and perform to your expectations for the agreed price. But that leaves a lot of gray area.

If you’re in the process of searching for DJs to hire for your next event, when it comes time to choose one, be sure to read and sign a service agreement or contract with them. By doing so, not only is the company protected legally for non payment but your investment is also legally protected should the company become unable to fufill the requirements of the contract. By a DJ service putting their reputation on the line in writing and legally promising to perform for payment, they are fully obligated to uphold the terms and conditions without exception unless otherwise written in the contract that both parties are signing.

Be sure to hire a DJ you can trust and who is a good fit. Your event depends on it.

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Music lawsuits. You may want to turn off your radio after reading this.

Protect yourself from a music lawsuit. Do you have a radio playing at your place of business? You may want to turn it off after reading this.

I am writing one of the most important blog entries that I ever have today. This affects everyone.

Recently on Facebook (TM) Facebook Inc. I came across an article about a Connecticut business that was being sued by BMI TM (Broadcast Music Incorporated) for playing music at their restaurant. This business owner thought that he was abiding the law by subscribing to a music service for his business. Unfortunately, according to the law, this is not the case. Because of this oversight, this lawsuit could cost him thousands and possibly the business he worked so hard to grow.
Read the article on by clicking here.

Sued for a Song: Music licensing lawsuits hit CT Restaurants

Just today, a second article regarding a bar that was being sued for a cover band playing copyrighted material in their venue. The damages sought from BMI (Broadcast Music Incorporated) could potentially reach $1.5 million dollars. For a small business, this is impossible to withstand.

You can read the article at OnStage Magazine here.

BMI Sues Bar For Cover Band Show, seeks $1.5M

In addition to music licensing lawsuits, all media is subject to copyright law. What that means is, if you are promoting an event using a picture that you have found on the internet, you could possibly be infringing on a copyright. Companies like Getty Images TM are having a field day with small businesses by sending settlement demand letters to people that they have baited with enticing images to be used in business.

So protect yourself, ask permission. Get familiar with copyright law and music licensing. It may turn out to be the best thing you do for your business.


Katerina’s Sweet 16 Party

Last night, we headed up to the Pond House Grille in Glastonbury, CT for Katerina’s Sweet 16 Party. Despite the blizzard like conditions, everyone wade it safely. After a white knuckle ride up to Glastonbury, we beat our setup record. With just an hour to spare, we had the entire ballroom at the Pond House uplit in purple, a color changing, cascading waterfall, dancing under the stars, and audio ready to go for when guests arrived. PHEW!

60 of Katerina’s family and closest friends danced the night away with an eclectic mix covering several decades of music. The Funtastic Photo Booth was a big hit as guests dressed up in their favorite charachters for a fun photo. Check out some of the pix from last night’s Sweet 16.

Pryme Tyme Entertainment becomes a household name.

We are proud to announce that after 19 years, Pryme Tyme Entertainment has become a household and respected name in entertainment in CT. From our humble beginnings in Watertown CT in 1995 to serving the tri-state area for all of it’s disc jockey, photo booth, and media needs, we’ve really come a long way.

In addition to our service offerings, we have really raised the bar with dedicated service. Our mission has not changed in 19 years. We are here to serve you. To make your dream wedding a reality. To partner with you to make your event a fun, stress free, and memorable experience.

We are also proud to announce that we are officially preferred vendors at both the Grand Oak Villa in Watertown and Hawks Landing Country Club in Southington. What does this mean exactly? It means that these venues have seen our work and trust us to serve their clients. It is truly an honor to partner with these great venues.

We look forward to serving you for your next wedding, school or corporate event. Thank you to all of our clients for the last 19 years. Without you, there would be no Pryme Tyme Entertainment.

The Hartford Magazine “BEST OF HARTFORD” Readers Poll

Best of Hartford

Best of Hartford Readers Poll

Hi Everyone!

We need your vote!
Please stop by the Hartford Magazine’s Website and VOTE for Pryme Tyme Entertainment to nominate us for the BEST OF HARTFORD readers poll! While you’re there, check out some of the other great small businesses and cast your vote for your favorite restaurant, bar, or other neighborhood business.

Visit and under SERVICES, click on the sub category for ‘Wedding Planner’ and ‘DJ’ and cast your vote for us! Then click ‘Finalize Ballot at the bottom and you’re all set! Thank you so much for your continued support. We REALLY appreciate it!



Weddingwire Brides Choice Award

2014 WeddingWire Couples Choice Award

Weddingwire Couples Choice Award

2014 Weddingwire Couples Choice Award

2014 WeddingWire Couples Choice Award

For the 3rd consecutive year, Pryme Tyme Entertainment has won the prestigious WeddingWire Couples Choice Award!

This award means that Pryme Tyme Entertainment is among the TOP 5% of wedding entertainment professionals NATIONWIDE. Thank you so much to all of our couples who trusted us with their once in a lifetime celebration. It has been an honor to be a part of your special day. We absolutely love what we do for a living and have been very fortunate to have the opportunity to share our passion for music and entertainment with many couples weekend after weekend over the last 20 years since 1995.
We have one job and that is to provide a consistent positive and fun experience to all who trust us with their events. It is a pleasure to serve all of you.

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Timeless Music – A DJ’s secret weapon

Timeless Music is the key to any packed dance floor.

Recently, we’ve been doing some late night mixes in preparation for New years Eve. The playlists have been ranging from today’s hits all the way back to 80’s club mixes. One of our listeners had said, ‘WOW! this really takes me back. I feel like a teenager again boppin’ around on the couch

That’s exactly what we were going for. As a DJ, our job is not just to have the latest and greatest but to fire up the memory time machine once in a while and take people back to those thrilling days of yesteryear in their youth. When you have a dance floor full of people of all ages, it’s important to engage the audience as a whole.

When you’re playing a set and you hit that one gem and mix it in perfectly, you see people’s eyes light up with joy. They’re instantly transported back to the age of 16. That, ‘AH HA!’ moment keeps people coming back for more and more every time.

When it comes to entertaining, there are no rules. If the beat’s alright, they will dance all night.