Pryme Tyme remembers Prince

2016 has been a hard year in the entertainment industry. We have lost many legendary talents this year and in the last decade. One of a kind entertainers that will never be replaced. But this one really hurts.

Prince Rogers Nelson was one of a kind. His rock/funk/pop infused music was simply magical. In looking at the current state of music, there is very little quality musicianship to choose from. And with that, it is getting more and more difficult to find music that really packs a punch much like Prince’s did.

My first experience with Prince was in the 90’s. Well after his highest sold record Purple Rain hit the shelves. I was watching MTV (yes, when they actually played music) and heard “Cream” Not only was the music catchy but the video was pretty easy on the eyes as well. I remember the vibrant colors, deep in the pocket drum track, and playful guitar along with his sultry voice as one of the most memorable tracks of all time. It had everything that a song should to move and groove a dancefloor. Not too over the top but very full and tasteful.

But more than just this song, I remember the image ingrained in my head of his anything but watered down style. His signature yellow guitar didn’t just hang between his knees as he strummed along. It was a part of his body and moved with him. Prince had such amazing soul when he rocked out a solo and embellished his vocal parts. His appearance in general was anything but ordinary. He was in a league of his own. A quirky, sexual, creative genius with a hair style that rivaled Little Richard.

It was after my shock and awe Cream experience that I went to a wedding with my family as a child and I remember at 10 years old what the DJ played to get people dancing. It was the time of Def Leppard, Billy Idol, and Stevie B. And even though all 3 of them got people dancing, it wasn’t until Let’s go Crazy came on that the floor erupted. It was the first time I experienced anything like it and one of the things that shed some light on what I wanted to do when I grew up. I enjoyed the reaction so much that I couldn’t help but dance along.

And who could ever forget the BEST Batman movie ever made with Jack Nicholson and Michael Keaton? And who better than Prince to provide the sound track. The erie and very torqued soundtrack was right up Prince’s alley and much different than his funk and pop music offerings. This proved once again just how diverse of a musician and producer he really was.

All in all, Prince was a gift to music. We will be honoring his music in the next few events that we do and I am sure that just like the wedding I went to at 10 years old, the floor will once again be moving to the groove of the purple one more time.

Classically Trained Pop Musicians

4 Famous artists who are classically trained musicians

4 Famous Artists who are Classically Trained Musicians

Joining the ranks of the elite in the music industry for many has just been a matter of being at the right place at the right time. For others, it may have been youtube or some whacky on-stage antics that got them noticed. But for these 20 music titans, it’s all about their passion for music.

  1. PSY
    Gangnam style was one of the most infectious songs of 2013 with it’s deep hooks and who could forget the dance moves that swept the nation. But for Park Jae-Sang, his journey as a professional musician started in 1996. (Wikiquote) After attending an English-language summer course and studying for one semester, Park dropped out of Boston University and applied to study at Berklee College of Music instead. During his time at Berklee, Park took core curriculum lessons in ear training, contemporary writing and music synthesis, but he soon dropped out and returned to South Korea to pursue a career as a singer, without having attained a degree from either Boston University or Berklee.In South Korea, Psy made his first appearance on Korean national television in 2000 after his dancing caught the eye of a TV producer.

  2. John Mayer
    John Mayer was born John Clayton Mayer in 1978 in Bridgeport, CT. This Fairfield, CT native dominated the airwaves with his 2001 Grammy Award Winning Album, Room for Squares but before 2001, John had attended Berklee in Boston and later had moved out of New England to Atlanta Georgia. Since then, John has shared the stage with some of the worlds most respected musicians including Eric Clapton, BB King, and Buddy Guy. Although for a short time, John was known for his off stage persona as a ladies man and wild child, this 37 year old’s dedication to his craft is one of the most respected in modern rock music.

  3. Billy Squier
    William Haislip Quier was born on May 12th 1950 and grew up in Wellesey Massachusetts. Starting off as a piano player, Squire was bribed by his grandfather to keep going with piano lessons but when he discovered Eric Clapton at age 9, he grabbed the guitar and never looked back. This Berklee student went on to write one of classic rock’s most memorable arena anthems, “The Stroke” and in the mid 2000’s toured with Ringo Star. Later, rap artist Eminem would sample Squire’s “The Stroke” for the 2013 release of “Berzerk”

  4. Pat Benetar
    You’ve heard it and you’ve probably sung the chorus a time or two. Hit me with your best shot, was Pat Benetar’s most successful hit song. This Brooklyn NY native and Julliard School graduate went on to write 17 Billboard chart toppers and win 4 Grammys.

Newly Released Christmas Music

Newly Released Christmas Music for 2015

Newly Released Christmas Music for 2015

Frank Sinatra, Trans Siberian Orchestra, Michael Buble, and more have covered some of our favorite time honored Christmas tunes. But if you’re looking for something a little more modern by your favorite pop artists, give these a try! Brand new for 2015, check out these fantastic renditions of some old classics and find your new favorite Christmas music.


Let it Snow – India Arie & Joe Sample


Snowtime – James Taylor

Here it is Christmas / Baby it’s cold outside

Joy to the World – Pentatonix

Have yourself a Merry little Christmas – Train

Little Drummer Boy – Leann Rimes

This Christmas – Matthew & Gunnar Nelson ft Alyssa Bonagura

Christmas Is – Francesca Batistelli

Daryll Hall – Daryl’s house

Daryll Hall – Live from Daryl’s House

I’ve recently picked up on a new obsession in music. Iconic musician Daryl Hall (Hall & Oates) has brought something very special to music with his new show “Live from Daryl’s House“. Shot and recorded just over an hour from our office in Prospect, CT, Daryl has had some of music’s best jamming along side of him at his home in Millerton, NY. Guitar great Joe Walsh (Eagles), Thomas DeCarlo Calloway (Cee-Lo Green), and Smokey Robinson just to name a few.

During the epic jam session, daryl and his guests along with his band take part in preparing a meal with some of the northeast’s greatest culinary talents. It’s a laid back atmosphere and you can really see the camaraderie between musicians and the magic that happens in live music up close and personal in this intimate show.

This show is free to watch and can be seen at

Have a sneak peak of Daryl playing his No 1 hit with Cee Lo Green – No can do (I can’t go for that)

Music Requests for the Partygoer – Hey, can you play that song. You know the one. Yeah, you know…


Making music requests for the party goer.

We’ve all done it. We’ve all heard that song on the radio that we love. We even know the name of the song, most of the time. But do you ever have that song title that’s on the tip of your tongue but you just can’t figure it out?

DJ’s are no different. We carry a massive song library with tens if not hundreds of thousands of music. It’s IMPOSSIBLE to remember each song, how it goes, the title, artist, and record label. But there is hope for you yet. If you’ve got a smart phone, pop onto your app store and download the latest version of SHAZAM!

Shazam is an incredible piece of software. Those songs that are on the on the edge of thought are all on there. All you have to do is hit the Shazam button and your phone will listen to the song you’re listening to and come back with the artist, song, and year it was recorded. This also works well at a party or wedding when you DJ pulls out a song that you love that you’ve never heard before.

So the next time you have a request, give Shazam a shot. You and your DJ will thank you. 🙂

Whats your music mood telling you?

Whats your music mood telling you?

Music has a funny way of telling you about yourself. It’s something that connects us all. Music is a universal language. The difference between a major and a minor chord and drastically alter someone’s mood. And how those chord changes happen tells a story. Music exudes emotion. Think about a song that means a lot to you. The tonal quality, the lyrics, and most certainly the beat…. all speak to you in some way, shape or form. You listen to different types of music depending on your mood and to alter the mood that you may be in. This is part of the psychology that DJ’s use to pack a dancefloor.

What kind of mood are you in?

1. Endless Love – Luther Vandross – Falling in love or feeling loved.
2. SHOTS – LMFAO – Party animal looking to tie a good one on.
3. Standin on Top of the World – Van Halen – A great sense of accomplishment
4. Walk – Pantera – Anger
5. Birthday Cake – Rihanna – Feeling scandalous.
6. Locked Out of Heaven – Bruno Mars – Frustrated
7. I’ve got my Game On – Trace Adkins – Confident
8. Great Balls of Fire – Jerry Lee Lewis – Excited
9. I’m Every Woman – Whitney Houston – Liberated
10. Circus – Britney Spears – On a pedestal.