Check out this DJ’s package.

Check out DJ Packages.

It’s the first line of nearly every email that we get. “HI I’m Samantha and I would like to know what your dj packages are. Thanks.”

Of course you do! You are trying to plan your budget for your wedding dj or event. It makes sense. The first question anyone asks when trying to get all of their ducks in a row is about price. And why shouldn’t you? It’s an important question. But think about this. If you’ve ever called a cable company or a satellite provider and set up service, you probably know their schtick by heart. And it probably sounds a lot like what you’d expect a DJ to say. So many DJs across the country are also programmed to respond with tantalizing packages to make the largest one seem appealing. But, what if you’re not looking for 100 uplights, two 90″ TVs with hip hop videos and a 2 man entertainment team? What if your wedding is supposed to be a laid back affair with family and friends? DO you really need all of that stuff? Or better yet, does the venue you chose for it’s beauty and charm really fit with the 2016 equivalent to Studio 54?

If not, that’s ok! But, if you did want to go for the gusto, you could always have those options. Ultimately, the choice is yours. If you look at our wedding dj prices page you’ll notice that there are just 4 things offered on that page. These are our most popular options that people ask for. You certainly aren’t limited to those four and there are many more enhancements to choose from depending on your preferences but, we don’t want to limit you to what you can or cannot have by forcing you into a decision that just doesn’t work. Much like the cable tiers that include the basic channels, about 40 more that you don’t care about, and if you act now, they’ll throw in a month of Starz and 20 home shopping channels if you sign a 3 year contract today, you know and I know that you’re probably going to watch about 10% of what they are offering. And if you did want just one channel that isn’t included in that tier, you’d have to upgrade to a lot more undesired channels to get the one you’re looking for and pay exponentially more. In that scenario, who comes out on top?

We have a simple philosophy that we work from. “Take care of the client and everything else takes care of itself.” That’s why we don’t offer vacuum sealed, pre-made, postage paid packages for the events that we do. When you sit down at your first meeting, we want to know what YOU want so that WE can help you reach your goals for getting the wedding dj, lighting, photo booth, and any other amenities that you’re looking for. And by forming that partnership with you, it allows us to create one of a kind experiences for you and your guests.

So grab a pencil and a pad, and dream away. It’s not the Pryme Tyme show, its all about you.