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D.I.WHY? – DIY Weddings – Hiring a professional costs less in the end.

Mason jars, candy bars, grandma’s sewing machine, and cookies.

Sounds like fun doesn’t it? For the every day crafter, it sure does. But for the rest of us, it’s a whole lotta work. So why is it more and more couples are turning to DIY weddings? The answer is simple. It all boils down to money. A proper budget is one of the hardest things to overcome when planning weddings. In the days of old, the bride’s parents would foot the bill for their little girl’s wedding and at times even re-finance their house just to give their daughter the wedding of her dreams. No expense was spared and she had the best of everything at her fingertips.

Today in 2014, jobs are scarce and money is tight. REAL TIGHT. So DIY weddings naturally become a popular option on the guise of saving money. But think about this for a moment… How many people do you know fix their own car, build their home from the ground up, do their own plumbing, or god for bid, perform their own surgery? There’s just some things that are best left in the hands of a professional. Now I’m not saying that DIY weddings aren’t possible and that they are all bad. The truth is, there are some really great weddings that we have been a part of that were 90% DIY. But that’s just it. It’s 90%. There are still some things that even the most crafty and thrifty couples saw the value in hiring a professional.

We’ll start with the venue. Why is having your wedding at a venue a great idea? Think about it! You need to do NOTHING except ENJOY your wedding. All of the food is taken care of and is cooked to perfection. The climate, furniture, restrooms, parking, and reception space are plentiful, tidy, and perfect. Some if not all venues have countless referrals for photographers, videographers, DJs and more on speed dial that are proven to be the best option and the wide variety of these vendors gives you, the couple, the ability to choose the right vendor based on your personal preferences.

And while we’re on the topic of photographers, let’s dive into that a bit. Why are good photographers so expensive? There’s a reason for that. Supply and demand. Your wedding photos are going to be on your wall and the walls of your family’s house for decades. You’ve spent a ton of time, effort, and in most instances money, on making sure that you, your bridal party, the ceremony, reception, and everything that comes with it looks it’s absolute best for your wedding day. Why wouldn’t you want to preserve that beauty in the perfect photo to remember for years to come? As tempting as it is to have your friends, snap away with out of focus with quick enhanced valencia or xx pro coloring on instagram for free, wouldn’t it be nice when you’re holding hands with your spouse at 83 years old to look at your wedding photo in your hands and just smile because he still takes your breath away? You can’t put a price on that feeling. It’s the best feeling in the world.

Let’s talk about music for a second. You might be able to make one hell of an itunes playlist but, not everyone enjoys the same music you do. Not every song was made with the intention of facilitating dancing. Music has a purpose. It’s meant to create an emotional response and picking the right song at the right moment could be the difference between celebration and awkward silence. A good DJ will be able to honor your musical tastes and keep your guests happy and entertained. And since we’re talking about DJs, almost everyone knows a DJ these days. The fraternity brother from college who still spins for fun at the local bar, your 13 year old cousin who’s parents bought him consumer grade equipment at Wal-Mart who listens to nothing but EDM and hip-hop, your brother Steve who is in a classic rock band that owns some PA gear and has a MacBook pro with lots of Steve Miller, Eagles, and Frank Zappa for those epic 20 minute orchestral oddities that everyone loves. Yes, they’re all out there and you know at least one of them. But why chance the day you’ve been dreaming about for 25 years to half working equipment and unpolished emcee skills? This is your wedding. There is no UNDO button. It’s a one shot deal and it’s gotta be PERFECT.

Now with all of this considered, there are some things that are great for DIY. Centerpieces and Invitations for example. Flowers will grow and flowers will die. Candles will be formed and they will melt. Invitations will be printed and will be discarded. Neither you or your guests will EVER remember your invitations or centerpieces as the star of your wedding. What they will remember are the memories that were created that will live on forever. Your beautiful smile, how happy you and your spouse were that day, the dancing, and of course, those beautiful photos.

Ask yourself, what is most important to you. And then decide if DIY is the right choice.