DJ Aaron DeMarest

DJ Aaron DeMarest – The loveable badass..

When I asked a fellow colleague of mine where he thought I fit into the marketplace in terms of mobile entertainers, he had this to say.
“Aaron DeMarest, you’re the loveable badass.”

Taken back by that statement and finding it quite humorous, I thought about it for a while. He hit the nail on the head. Now before you back away with caution, let me explain what he meant…

Your impression of what a DJ is or should be may vary greatly depending on personal experience or what others have told you. What most people perceive a wedding DJ to be is the mid 40’s salt and pepper haired guy with the polished smile and a gold microphone that’s got a voice like Michael Buffer (Let’s get ready to rumble) and swaggar like the Most Interesting Man in the World. (Dos Equis)
And for the most part, based on my experience attending weddings, I’d have to agree.

But what if that’s not what you want? What if you’re looking for something different? Music trends have gotten edgier and edgier as time has gone on. The sombreros and inflatable instrument schtick that your parents enjoyed at their wedding in the 80’s and early 90’s has been laid to rest and new trends like intelligent lighting design and the dancefloor is where it’s at. .So, where does the loveable badass fit in to the equation?

When I do a wedding, it’s a highly personal experience for me and far from cookie cutter`. My Brides and Grooms are the center of my world for those 5 hours and I make sure they know it. It’s all about 2 people in love coming together as one. That’s the loveable part. I’m very passionate about what I do. I want my clients to have an experience that exceeds their expectations.

While most DJs fit the mold of the description you read about above, the badass is the big guy standing at 6’3″ tall you see wearing black & purple sporting a goatee. He’s in control and with a cool and confident smile let’s his clients know that they’re in good hands. A protector of sorts making sure that nothing stands in the way of the client and their ability to enjoy their special day.