If a DJ sounds too good to be true…

If a DJ sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

Interesting phone call tonight with a potential couple for this summer.

When Matt was looking for a DJ, he had thought that DJs were all created equal. When I had said, “You’re getting so much more than just a couple hours of music. Everything from start to finish, from introductions right up until the last dance of the evening is taken care of your emcee. I will coordinate with your matre’d to make sure that your dinner arrives when it should. That your dances, speeches, and formalities go smoothly and on time to allow you the time to enjoy your special day. Matt, I want you guys to be able to enjoy each other, your friends, and your family. My job is to see to it that it happens.”

Dumbfounded, he thought I was reading from a script. He did in fact ask me, “So, have you practiced that line? Sounds like you’ve got that routine down pat.”

To which I replied, “No Matt, that’s just me and what I think a wedding should be. A celebration of 2 lives, 2 hearts, 2 families coming together. That can’t be scripted. You have to experience it…”