Finding a DJ that fits like a glove

Finding a DJ that fits like a glove…

A fellow DJ colleague of mine posted this picture on facebook and it prompted me to do a post in our blog. Have a look.

I learned a very important lesson while Pryme Tyme was still in it’s infancy stage. And that important lesson was, know your strengths and even more important, know your shortcomings. This is a business where visual impressions have just as great an impact as ones “skills” on the turntables.

Knowing this, my message to my potential clients is always the same. Don’t be afraid to shop around. As a business owner and entertainer, my reputation means everything. Of course I never like to turn business away but, being a good fit for a client is more important than landing the sale. That is also why Pryme Tyme offers custom services for every event we do and our pricing reflects that. So what should you be looking for in your DJ? Here’s a few questions you should ask at your consultation.

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to see the 40 questions you should ask your DJ. You’ll be glad you did!

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