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Should I fire my wedding DJ?

Taylor writes:
“I found an independent dj who has done multiple events at my venue in New Haven, CT in the past. On his Instagram he has photos and videos of his work and my fiance and I were impressed and booked him. Before we booked him he moved to LA to further his career in DJ’ING and dance.
On the phone he assured us that he’d love to do our event and his family lives in CT still so he’d definitely make it out here for our event. He did not ask for any traveling fees just the cost of doing the event and uplighting ($2,000.)
We signed the contract and sent in the deposit at the end of December. Since then I’ve emailed twice about a receipt for the deposit and I haven’t heard back. Today I reached out to him via text message and he claims he didn’t get any emails and expressed a very lackluster attitude about my event. I know he is an independent DJ but I did expect some customer service and some urgency about my event. Am I over reacting or should I start looking for a new DJ?”

Hey Taylor. You’ve just touched upon one of the points that I make at meetings with clients. And that is, making sure your wedding DJ is a good fit. Besides lighting and other dazzling addons, realistically speaking, what matters is the end result. There’s a lot left to chance in this particular situation. Now of course, there are always exceptions to the rule. After all, there are plenty of local DJs that do destination weddings and work outside of the US as well. But, this is a different situation. The DJ you hired, moved to California. And even though they have a commitment to you, there is a likely hood of a delayed flight, the acquisition of gear to pull it off, and a lot of other behind the scenes stuff that needs to happen to pull off a successful wedding.

The red flag we see here is that the lines of communication are failing. If you haven’t spoken to your DJ in some time and they’re not returning calls, there’s a good chance they aren’t going to. The fact that your questioning whether you made the right decision tells you all you need to know. Find yourself a sure thing. Ask your vendor team for suggestions and they will be able to help you. After all, they see DJs week after week and know the difference between a great DJ and a not so great DJ and also can help you find someone that might be a good fit for your personality based on your interactions with them.

It’s up to you.