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Fit into your wedding dress in 90 days or less

You may be tempted to buy a shiny new treadmill or head to the gym for a membership you can’t afford but before you do, hear me out.
In the last few meetings with brides, many of them had been frustrated by the end of the wedding planning process for one reason and one reason only. They were worried about fitting into their wedding dress. Ladies, I feel your pain. When my wife and I go shopping for clothes for her, she too is easily flustered because no two designers are the same. A size 16 at Wal-Mart fits much differently than a size 16 at Old Navy. So what are you to do?

I’ve been in the entertainment industry for over 20 years and the majority of what we do is very intensive labor. Moving heavy equipment, crouching in uncomfortable places to tape down cables, and last but not least, standing on marble floors for 6-10 hours at a time during wedding season. With all of this physical labor it really takes its toll on the body. Especially if you’re overweight like me. At my heaviest I was 360 lbs. That’s a whole lotta weight to toss around. How did I get that big? Life on the road and 2am drive thru meals.

And if you’re a new parent, you know that your days of eating sensibly are all but gone. You run by your child’s plate of hot dogs and grab a handful and move on to the next thing. Late at night when the kids aren’t around, you start a movie and grab that bag of chips and before you know it, the bag is nearly empty. It happens. We’re all human.

My wife and I are workaholics. Me with my business and her in executive management. It’s easy to forget about yourself when the world is demanding your undivided attention 24//7. We had tried many diets. We tried juicing, shakes, miracle pills, wraps, and fasting. We’d lose 10 lbs in a week and after 7 days of eating nothing but the quivalent to V8 Juice, we grew tired and caved on a pizza and wings because it tasted good. We purchased ellipticals, treadmills, and gym memberships that we never used that ended up costing thousands and ended up as something to hang our laundry from while we got ready for work. Does this sound familiar to you?

In January of this year, my wife and I decided to make a change for the better and get healthy and as a last ditch effort to lose weight, we started nutrisystem. Now ladies, I will tell you… I am not a paid spokesperson for that company, but I will tell you that it WORKS. It teaches you how to eat again and form good habits. We’ve been told since kindergarten to eat well, eat small, and eat often. Why do you think kids are hungry all the time? Because they burn those calories faster than they consume them. I am proud to announce that since January 7th, I have lost a total of 69lbs and my beautiful wife has lost 38. Who would have thought that in 4 months time you could lose 40lbs? Here is the formula that got my wife and I back in shape, feeling great, with more energy, and smaller jeans.

Eat 6 small meals per day between 150-300 calories in 2-3 hour increments.
Breakfast and then a snack 2 hours later. Lunch and another snack. Dinner and yes, another snack. Eat as many fiber rich vegetables as you would like and drink 72 oz of water per day. Cut out those sugars and bad carbs and you’ll be a calorie burning machine.

Follow these easy tips and you’ll need to call the tailor to take in that dress by your wedding day. GOOD LUCK and happy snacking!