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Halloween Wedding at Bill Millers Castle

Halloween Wedding at Bill Millers Castle – Puttin on the Fritz

If you read the beInspired blog, you’ve probably heard the name Bill Fritz brought up a time or two. A little backstory…

I met Bill and his wife Colette in 2013 while at Allie & Aaron Stubbs wedding in Cheshire. Never meeting Bill before then, I had no idea what to expect from this wedding photographer. Bill looks like quite a badass with his dark black beard, dressed in black from head to toe. But after chatting with Bill for a while over dinner, I knew that he was a fantastic guy. And after seeing the photos of Allie & Aaron’s wedding, I also knew that he was one of the best wedding photographers I had ever seen or worked with. It was that very same day that Bill and Colette had decided on a DJ for their own wedding. Me.

Now when a fellow vendor asks you to help them with their celebration, it puts the fear of god into you. Although Bill and Colette are super awesome people and have become good friends, they are also colleagues. They see HUNDREDS of wedding DJs every year and out of the 400 listed DJs, they chose you. Those are some pretty big shoes to fill. The expectations are high and you want to do everything to put your best foot forward to ensure that their wedding will exceed expectations.

When Bill and Colette sat down with me to tell me about their plans for a Halloween Wedding at Bill Millers Castle in Branford, I was blown away. If you’ve ever been to a halloween party, you’ve probably seen some cool costumes on some of the more outgoing guests and the rest just kinda show up. The Monster Mash and Thriller will probably get played and thus is the common Halloween party. But this wedding was so much more. Every detail of Bill & Colette’s Halloween Wedding was carefully planned and thought out. It was hugely theatrical. In terms of costumed guests, they certainly didn’t dissapoint. We had zombies, walking pigs. scarecrows, demons, drag queens, ghostbusters, and everything in between. Even the staff at Bill Millers Castle got in on the fun! All of the vendors dressed up in character and we helped the modern day Morticia and Gomez Addams celebrate their special day.

The great thing about doing a fellow vendors wedding is that, because they see so much, they love to think outside the box and create amazing celebrations. As a HUGE fan of heavy metal, Bill and Colette incorporated some non-traditional tunes into their grand introduction. As a surprise to Colette, Bill, Colette’s mom, and I worked on getting a very old recording of her late father to play during the ceremony. It was a very beautiful and tender moment. Bill and Colette’s vows were some of the most genuine I have ever seen which proved to me that this was a super couple like the world has never seen. I guarantee, they will be sitting around the kitchen table in their 90’s still holding hands.

In addition to some of the cool audio work that we did for their wedding, the theatrical lighting was nothing short of extraordinary. We created a low lying haze to replicate an erie fog over a glowing green pond. While they were dancing on a cloud, 4 moving heads highlighted the happy couple during their first dance for a spotlight dance that was breathtaking. These lighting effects in combination with the rustic atmosphere of Bill Millers Castle were a perfect paring for their Halloween Wedding.

Thank you to Bill and Colette for trusting us with your one of a kind celebration and CONGRATULATIONS!!!!

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