Invoice vs Contract

Hiring a DJ: Invoice vs DJ Contract

Hiring a DJ: Invoice vs DJ Contract

Hiring a DJ is something most people do at least once in their lives for a variety of ocassions. For many it might be their wedding and for others, it could be a corporate event or private affair. But in all of these instances and with so many DJs out there, each one has a different business model that they follow.

Invoices are popular when it comes to service companies of all types. Take your home heating oil provider. They will fill your tank and leave an invoice for you at your door to find when you come home from work. If you have already signed a service agreement with them to provide service, you are obligated to pay for the services rendered. But if not, they are leaving you their product in good faith that you will pay for it regardless of what they write down on the invoice. It’s a scaryer their proposition for both consumer and company. But, it’s a risk that business owners take every day.

But think about this in terms of the consumer. How does “good faith” work? If you hired a DJ on a handshake or a verbal confirmation, you are taking a leap of faith that the DJ will come to your event prepared to render their service to you and your guests and perform to your expectations for the agreed price. But that leaves a lot of gray area.

If you’re in the process of searching for DJs to hire for your next event, when it comes time to choose one, be sure to read and sign a service agreement or contract with them. By doing so, not only is the company protected legally for non payment but your investment is also legally protected should the company become unable to fufill the requirements of the contract. By a DJ service putting their reputation on the line in writing and legally promising to perform for payment, they are fully obligated to uphold the terms and conditions without exception unless otherwise written in the contract that both parties are signing.

Be sure to hire a DJ you can trust and who is a good fit. Your event depends on it.