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How to hire a wedding vendor team that works well for you and each other.


How to hire a wedding vendor team that works well for you and each other.

Let the planning process begin!

By now you’ve just recently got engaged and all of those things you’ve dreamed about for years are about to come true and planning for the big day begins now.

There’s so many pieces to the wedding puzzle, it can be quite overwhelming to think about all at once. Start slow. Get the big things out of the way and use a checklist to help keep organized. So, where do we begin?

THE VENUE: Make sure you visit lots of venues. Every venue has something unique to offer in the way of dining, atmosphere, and service. Pick which one best fits your personality and taste. While you’re at your final meeting with the venue you have chosen, ask for some references for DJs, photographers, videographers, florists, and anything else you need to make your dream wedding a reality.

Venues see many different vendors pass through their doors and know who works best with them to make your experience as a bride the best possible.

THE DJ: Once you’ve gotten your venue squared away, and you’ve met with your DJ, ask them for references as well. The DJ serves as your master of ceremonies and works seamlessly with the rest of your staff to make sure that the events of the day are in place and on time. Your DJ will be able to tell you who they have worked with and who they work well with.

As your list of ‘to-dos’ turns into ‘dones’, keep asking for those references. When you have a wedding team that works as a team, you will have the confidence in knowing that all that you ask for will be taken care of and you and your new spouse can just enjoy the day.