How to hire a DJ

How to hire a DJ

Engagement & Bridal show season is upon us and both brides and wedding vendors are getting ready for wedding season. So, this usually leads to the question, “Who do I choose?”

With so many options available for venues, djs, videographers, photo booths, photographers, etc… the list goes on and on. But how SHOULD you choose your wedding DJ? Let me show you how.

If you visit google and do a search for wedding djs in your area, you’ll notice a plethora of results. Hundreds and hundreds of DJs who are waiting for you to pick up the phone. You’ll see wedding specific websites, club style, and from the extravagant to the bargain basement DJ. With so many options, it’s difficult to know which one to choose. Or is it?

Think about this for a second. Your wedding reception is going to be one of the most memorable moments of your life. You want the best. Keep this in mind, what may be the best for one bride may be totally different from what you had in mind. Ask yourself, what is important to you? Who can you trust to make this reception go flawlessly?

You want experience, professionalism, class, sophistication, fun, and something that fits your budget. You want someone who will make it their mission to see that your special day is perfect. Someone who will work with the venue and other wedding vendors to make sure that the timeline transitions will be smooth. Someone who will engage your guests and keep the energy positive and the dance floor filled regardless of what age your guests are.

All of the things that I just mentioned are believe it or not a rare find. That’s why it is SO important for you to research your wedding DJ before the big day. Meet with them at an initial consultation to see what their all about. If the DJ automatically starts spewing off how much equipment they have and telling you that he does 400 weddings a year, prepare to hear a used car salesman pitch. However, if he’s laid back, cool and confident and asks YOU what you are looking for, he’s interested in how he can make your wedding reception a success.

Also, be wary of the lowest bidder. It’s tempting to go for the best deal like that shirt you found on sale on the clearance rack for just $5 that was $30 just 2 weeks ago.Keep in mind, there’s a reason why it was on the clearance rack. Noone wanted it. It’s a leftover. The same can be said for your wedding entertainment. The DJs who put a vested interest in your day will not be the least expensive option. They may also not be the most expensive either.

The most important factor of finding the right DJ for your wedding reception is that they are a good fit for you and your guests. More than the cheese tray, the colored bows on every chair back, and the hot rolls served before dinner, your guests will remember if they enjoyed themselves and were entertained the most.

Your wedding reception will run an average of 5 hours, make them count. You get ONE opportunity to have the time of your life. Investing in your entertainment is what makes your special day a success.