Inappropriate Wedding Traditions

Inappropriate wedding traditions.

Inappropriate Wedding Traditions
You’re planning your special day and wonder, what traditions should I take part in for my wedding? There are so many, it’s mind boggling. From cake cutting to rice throwing, and many more. But what if you took part in some wedding traditions outside of your wedding? Can you imagine wearing a tux to your construction job? Or separating your friends on either side of the room depending on who you like better? How about putting a miniature version of you on top of that sandwich in the lunch room while you’re on break from the morning rush at the office? Well wonder no more. The witty folks at Buzzfeed did exactly that. They recreate some of the most common wedding traditions in the most awkward of situations. The work place.

Warning, do not try this at work. Throwing rice at a co-worker while leaving the building might end in an awkward situation.

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