DJ Equipment

It’s all about the dj equipment.

DJs – It’s all about the dj equipment.

As an entertainment industry veteran who talks to DJs around the country, one thing is crystal clear to me. It’s all about the dj equipment.

If you’re a bride reading this, you’re probably thinking, “I don’t care about DJ equipment.” and you would be right. You shouldn’t. DJ equipment is big business and manufacturers are always pushing the envelope to create new and dazzling effects for DJs in regards to lighting, pyrotechnics, and other goodies.

So when should DJ gear be important to a bride? The answer is this.
If you’re meeting with a wedding DJ and he does all the talking about his gear and what it is capable of and the specs, he’s not listening to you and what you want. He’s trying to sell you every piece of equipment in his arsenal to make extra money.

Now in my case, when a bride sits down with me, the first words out of my mouth are, what would you like to see? From there, I can learn about my couple’s likes, dislikes, and everything I need to know to give them the wedding they want. At the end of the day, it’s all about our clients. They are the ones who put food on our table. They are our boss. We work for them.