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The night we worked for Javier Colon in Fairfield Connecticut

March 20th 2017 was just hands down, AWESOME. Just a couple short weeks ago, we got a message from Season 1 Winner from The Voice, Javier Colon. Javier was performing for the Unquowa Repatory Theater last night at Penfield Pavillion in Fairfield, CT with their fundraiser and had asked us to help with providing audio services. And OF COURSE, when Javier calls, you go.

But not for the sake of notoriety or fame. Even with all of his success, Javier is still a good person through and through and an absolute pleasure to work for. When your face ends up on the national stage and you perform for millions a TV show, it can change you. It can really get to your head. But with Javier, it was different. He’s still a normal guy. A family man with a house and a dog who isn’t afraid to get his hands dirty.

That was my first impression of Javier when I met him last year at the CT Community Foundation scholarship awards banquet in Watertown at the Grand Oak Villa. And today, as I write this, that impression still resonates. Watching Javier in an intimate concert in Fairfield changes you as a performer. It makes you want to push yourself to be better. His performance last night was very moving and gave you the chills if you were in the room.

Last night was a special night because Javier will be performing in the Unquowa Repatory Theatre’s production of Big River. In addition to being a phenomenal songwriter and musician, he also has deep roots in the theater. We were treated to a sneak peek of one of the songs from Big River as well as an impromptu performance of “Maria” from West Side Story.

The take away from last night’s performance was something I’ll never forget and I can wait to work with him again.

Check out his performance from last night’s show.