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Photo Booths – Know the difference…


Photo Booths – Know the difference…

Photo booths have become increasingly popular for weddings and events in the past couple years. What was once a ‘special’ item has now gone mainstream. Lots of vendors from DJs to Photographers have gotten on board with photo booths. The key is choosing the right photo booth for your event that suits your needs.

That being said, there are many different styles to choose from and many different options.

Our photo booths take on more of a traditional approach. Walk into our booth and have a seat on the comfortable bench. Within 60 seconds of hitting a single button, 4 high quality photos will be taken and printed for you to share with friends. It is the highest quality and the fastest in CT giving you more pictures per hour and the instant gratification of getting your photos right on the spot.

Other photo booths may include the ability to share your photo session on social media or get sent right to your smart phone. Although a neat idea, this process slows down the experience for the user and often causes traffic jams giving you less pictures per hour.

Another alternative that we’ve seen is the photo studio in a tent. Basically, it’s a pop up tent with some curtains with a photographer inside. You’ll be posed for portraits and group shots and be able to purchase prints online. You may get some great poses but, it takes away from the private experience of a photo booth plus adds the additional cost to you and guests of having to purchase prints.

Last but not least, there’s the digital photo station. This is a popular option where space is limited. The photo booth components (camera, screen, & button) are present without the privacy curtain. This is also a great addition if you have a lot of group shots that you want to take.

There is something out there for every taste and preference. Now that you know what is available, you can make an informed decision when selecting a photo booth that’s right for your next event.