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Give your wedding centerpieces some POP!

Give your wedding centerpieces some POP!

In the WeddingWire Bridal forums, Kelly writes:

“I’ve been pretty set on my colors for a while now. Purple (like a royal purple, deep but bright) and blue. Lately, though, I really like the color blush and think it would help soften things up a bit. Our wedding is rustic themed and both the ceremony and reception spaces have lots of dark wood in them so I don’t want everything to be too dark.”

Great question Kelly!
Centerpieces and floral arrangements are a big part of the decor for your reception. But, what if your favorite color is at the darker end of the spectrum? There’s a solution!

One of the great ways to get extra POP out of deeper hues is to light them up. We use a method called ‘Pinspotting’ for this very situation. By incorporating a small focused beam on your dark centerpieces, they will stand out against the darker hues of the natural woods and stone of the wedding venue. Here’s an example of what pinspotting does.