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The post you’ve been waiting for – Average Cost of a Connecticut Wedding

Money. It rules the world. From houses and cars to that new keychain you’ve always wanted, it all boils down to one thing. What are you willing to pay for something.
We’re going to dive deep into the dark place that is the Connecticut Wedding Budget. We will cover all of the aspects in chronological booking order. Here we go!

1. Wedding Venues

Wedding venues (catering included) charge per person. In many cases your open bar is included in price of the cost per person. And whether you’re going for the gusto at a premier wedding venue or going for economy, a good starting point is between $80-150 per person. This will more than likely include a 5 hour reception including cocktail hour, a 3 course meal (salad, pasta, & main course) as well as appetizers during your cocktail hour. It also includes the actual venue itself. You’re choosing your venue based upon the look and atmosphere you want to create and depending on your tastes, it could costs you a few dollars more to get what you want. At $100 per plate for 100 guests, it’s going to cost about $10,000 not counting tax and gratuity.

2. Wedding Photographers & Videographers

A seasoned wedding photographer & videographer are PRICELESS! Especially when you figure that the images captured from your wedding celebration are going to be a permanent fixture in your home. Think of them like you would a piece of rare art. Because THEY ARE! Your wedding photos are one of a kind. And making you look your best will run you between $5000-$8500 respectively. Now before you get sticker shock, let me tell you. There is a TON of planning, work, and editing that goes into your one of a kind masterpiece. You’re not going to get that kind of quality from an instagram filter and an iphone.

3. The Wedding DJ

You want your party to ROCK! You want your introductions to be flawless. And you want every moment of your special day to go to plan. This is where the wedding dj comes into play. They are the keeper of the keys when it comes to the success of your wedding. And why? Well, if you ask the majority of couples that have attended weddings, ‘What did you remember most about the last wedding you attended.”, 9 times out of 10 they’ll say whether they danced or not. If you’ve seen a great wedding DJ, you have an expectation when it comes to entertainment. And if you’ve seen a not so fabulous DJ, it makes you second guess whether you want to take the leap of faith when hiring a wedding dj. It is for this reason why PROFESSIONAL GRADE DJS in Connecticut average between $1350-$1500 to start. You will find out very quickly in your search that there are outliers as well but as they say.. you get what you pay for.

4. The Florist

Why do they charge so much for the same flowers that they sell every day? Is it a wedding markup? No. It’s not. When you think about wedding centerpieces in a room for 15 to 20 tables, you’re probably looking for consistency and perfection. Flowers are natural and each one is unique. To make 20 identical centerpieces is no easy task. Each flower is handpicked (literally and figuratively) to create uniform decor for your wedding that best reflects your preferences. While the average flower shop bouquet might run you $50, because of the nature of weddings and the promise of perfection that comes with it, you can expect to double or triple that number for 20 identical centerpieces.

5. The Cake

Who doesn’t love wedding cake? That gorgeous confection isn’t a Betty Crocker special. Over time, the taste in wedding cakes has changed. We’re no longer satisfied with a vanilla cake with white vanilla frosting. Now we see cakes that look like sculptures and are one of a kind for each couple. This kind of artistry takes YEARS to perfect not to mention the preparation and acquisition of the best ingredients to make your wedding cake not only beautiful, but the perfect flavor. And even with all of those things considered, there has to be enough to go around to feed all of your guests. Most wedding cakes fall between the $400-600 range and can be upwards of $1000 depending on the size and sophistication.

Of course there are many other services that can be added to a wedding like day of planners, limos, decor, and more. But for many, these are the core services that most every wedding has. Now here’s a side note to help with sticker shock. Make sure you’ve got your priorities in check. Know what your goals are and plan accordingly so that you have more money for the things that are important to you.