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Prom advisor tips – Hiring the right prom dj

Prom advisor tips – Hiring the right prom dj

Being a prom advisor can be a daunting task. You’ve got a budget to figure out, students to make happy, and the administration’s microscope on every decision you make. So how do you pick the right entertainment for your school?

The $300 dilema.
Three Hundred Dollars seems to be the number that is carelessly tossed about in conversation when it comes to disc jockeys. Why is that? It all depends on who you ask. $300 won’t get you very far. The old adage “Good things aren’t cheap and cheap things aren’t good.” is very appropriate when it comes to hiring entertainment. So what should you look for?

Your prom DJ should be professional through and through. They should have commercial liability insurance to protect your school and themselves should an emergency arise. They should have experience with students and a clean track record. They should use a music subscription service like ‘PrimeCuts’ that updates their music library weekly with CLEAN and Radio Friendly music. They should have ample equipment to facilitate 500 students or more and not use things like iPods or consumer grade equipment. They should offer lighting that is event appropriate. And last but not least, the should have references.

All of these items mentioned are crucial to the success of your prom. And by the same token, those things come with a price tag. In the end, it’s all about value and how much your peace of mind is worth. When it comes to proms, remember one thing. It’s one night. You get one shot. There are no do overs. It’s got to be PERFECT.