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Music lawsuits. You may want to turn off your radio after reading this.

Protect yourself from a music lawsuit. Do you have a radio playing at your place of business? You may want to turn it off after reading this.

I am writing one of the most important blog entries that I ever have today. This affects everyone.

Recently on Facebook (TM) Facebook Inc. I came across an article about a Connecticut business that was being sued by BMI TM (Broadcast Music Incorporated) for playing music at their restaurant. This business owner thought that he was abiding the law by subscribing to a music service for his business. Unfortunately, according to the law, this is not the case. Because of this oversight, this lawsuit could cost him thousands and possibly the business he worked so hard to grow.
Read the article on by clicking here.

Sued for a Song: Music licensing lawsuits hit CT Restaurants

Just today, a second article regarding a bar that was being sued for a cover band playing copyrighted material in their venue. The damages sought from BMI (Broadcast Music Incorporated) could potentially reach $1.5 million dollars. For a small business, this is impossible to withstand.

You can read the article at OnStage Magazine here.

BMI Sues Bar For Cover Band Show, seeks $1.5M

In addition to music licensing lawsuits, all media is subject to copyright law. What that means is, if you are promoting an event using a picture that you have found on the internet, you could possibly be infringing on a copyright. Companies like Getty Images TM are having a field day with small businesses by sending settlement demand letters to people that they have baited with enticing images to be used in business.

So protect yourself, ask permission. Get familiar with copyright law and music licensing. It may turn out to be the best thing you do for your business.