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Looking for Cheap Wedding DJs?

You’ve got your ring. You’ve got the date set and your venue picked out. Now it’s time to find the rest of your wedding team to make your dreams come true. So you begin googling all of the services and come across an ad up top that says, “WEDDING DJ PACKAGES $395″

Being the thrifty shopper you are you click on the deal of the day and begin reading. You see hundreds if not thousands of reviews from past brides are available and stock photos of model quality couples having a good time are on the website giving you the best case scenario. It seems too good to be true. How could something so perfect cost so little?

Here’s how it works. You put your information into a form with your wedding date and location and the company calls you. You tell them you are looking for a DJ for your wedding and they tell you they have one available and get your credit card information. $395 and you’re good to go. You hang up the phone feeling proud that you just saved a ton of cash and that you can check one more thing off your to-do list for your wedding.

On the other end of the phone, the person you just talked to pulls out their list of DJs in your area. He picks one and sends them an email telling them that they have a GIG on your wedding day. The DJ puts your date in the calendar and that’s the last time he thinks about you until your wedding.

Let’s back up for a moment. Your wedding, the day you have been dreaming about since you were a little girl is now in the hands of someone that you have never met, never talked to, never seen their work or any references to their ability to make your dream wedding a reality. What could go wrong?

There are dozens of videos of news stories with cheap wedding DJs who are a no show, or if they do show up, they are dressed inappropriately or did not take the time necessary to see to it that their client’s needs and desires were met. And the one thing in common with ALL of those news stories was the video clip of the tearful bride who paid $400 and was promised the world.

When it comes time to take the next step in the planning process, take your time. Meet with as many wedding professionals as possible. And make an informed decision. Make sure the person you are meeting is the person who will be taking care of your wedding. Quality entertainment is not expensive, it’s priceless.