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Timeless Music – A DJ’s secret weapon

Timeless Music is the key to any packed dance floor.

Recently, we’ve been doing some late night mixes in preparation for New years Eve. The playlists have been ranging from today’s hits all the way back to 80’s club mixes. One of our listeners had said, ‘WOW! this really takes me back. I feel like a teenager again boppin’ around on the couch

That’s exactly what we were going for. As a DJ, our job is not just to have the latest and greatest but to fire up the memory time machine once in a while and take people back to those thrilling days of yesteryear in their youth. When you have a dance floor full of people of all ages, it’s important to engage the audience as a whole.

When you’re playing a set and you hit that one gem and mix it in perfectly, you see people’s eyes light up with joy. They’re instantly transported back to the age of 16. That, ‘AH HA!’ moment keeps people coming back for more and more every time.

When it comes to entertaining, there are no rules. If the beat’s alright, they will dance all night.