Vendor Spotlight – Mike Ross Photography

Vendor Spotlight – Mike Ross Photography


I had the pleasure of meeting Mike at a wedding we did together a couple years back. It was Lauren & Jeremy’s special day at the Lilly Lake Inn in Wolcott.

Having never met Mike before, i viewed him as ‘The photographer in the room’. I didn’t get a chance to chat with him until he approached me to find out when the father/daughter dance would be. We took care of the formalities and the wedding went as planned.

Later that evening, I popped on his website, to see who this guy was. When I saw his portfolio, I was awestruck. Not only does Mike do weddings but, is a phenomenal photojournalist. He had pictures of ladies shoes that he had taken in different locations, lighting, and atmospheres.

Now you’re probably thinking, Shoes. You were wowed by shoes.
Yes. I was. Mike has mastered the art of observation. Those shoes that he shot were some of the most magnificent shoes I had ever seen in a picture. The detail was incredible. Everything about them was perfect.

If Mike can do that for a pair of shoes, just imagine what he could do for your special day. Trust me. You can’t go wrong with Mike Ross.