Dancing down the aisle at a wedding

Wedding Ceremony – Dancing down the aisle

Jill and Kevin LOVE to dance anywhere, any time. And their wedding ceremony was no exception. Watch as Jill, Kevin and the rest of their bridal party rock this church with the BEST WEDDING INTRO EVER! Their bridal party moved, shook, and dropped down the aisle to Chris Brown’s 2007 love infused hit “Forever” from the album “EXCLUSIVE” This fun and happy song is a favorite amongst couples for introductions but as you can see by the video, it really set the vibe for the rest of the reception.

Which just goes to show you, you don’t have to wait til you get to the dance floor to have some fun on your wedding day. So put on your dancing shoes and then head to the church to ask permission from your pastor about foregoing hearing “Here comes the Bride!” on a bombastic pipe organ rattling from the rafters and instead playing secular music in the church. If the church does not have an adequate sound system for music play back, be sure to ask your wedding disc jockey if they would be willing and able to lend a hand by upgrading to a ceremony sound system for the church. GOOD LUCK and DANCE DOWN THE AISLE!

Visit www.jkweddingdance.com for more information or to donate towards violence prevention.