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Wedding Fashion – Open toed or closed toed shoes?

Wedding Fashion- Open toed or closed toed shoes?

Whoever said “Pain is beauty” has an interesting sense of humor.

The topic of wedding fashion is at times the pinnacle thought on brides’ minds because they want to look perfect. Right down to the shoes on her feet. So why is a DJ company writing about what shoes to wear?

DJs know alot about footwear. Think about it, We stand in the same place for 5 hours at a time typically on a concrete poured, wood, or tiled floor entertaining you and your guests. After loading in, setting up, performing the celebration and then breaking down, our feet take a beating. So do a brides.

Wedding Fashion dictates that those three inch stilettos are to die for and would look perfect but, how would wearing them for 12 hours straight work out? From the time you put on your dress that morning you’ll be on your feet and in constant motion. Standing at your ceremony for an hour or better, posing for pictures, greeting guests at every table, and last but not least, dancing. With all of that time on your feet, you’re going to need to be comfortable. You’re paying good money for your wedding entertainment and you want to dance the night away. You might as well be comfortable doing it.

So when picking your kicks for the day of your nuptuals, consider bringing a couple pair with you. A nice dressy set for the ceremony and pictures, then maybe flats or even a flip flop for your reception. Your dress will cover them. Noone will know but you, and your feet.

Remember, happy feet make for a happy reception.