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WEDDING PLANNING : How to get the most out of your seating arrangements

Seating arrangements at a wedding.

One of the most overlooked details during the wedding planning process is seating arrangements. Now if you’ve chosen a wedding venue specifically, they can help you with your table arrangements. But, in some cases you are at the mercy of the square footage of the room and slight adjustments need to be made.

Here’s a couple things to consider… If you’re in a smaller venue and the dance floor is important to you, consider a sweetheart table in leiu of a large head table. A head table can easily take up 20 feet of real estate in a wedding hall while a sweetheart table is a romantic table for two that only requires about 5 feet of space in total. You’ll enjoy more personalized service and have the opportunity to spend some quality time with your new spouse in an intimate setting.

Depending on the room you choose, it’s a good idea to ask the venue whether a buffet style or sit down dinner works best. Buffets are a much quicker option when there is enough space and when it can be cleared from the dancefloor or placed in a dedicated area. However, sit-down meals are great for smaller wedding parties as your guests can sit back and relax.

But that’s just the dinner service. When it comes time for dancing, where you put your DJ is very important. Your DJ should be front and center or at the very least accessible to the dancefloor. Not because we want to be the center of attention but because we want to be able to address your guests when needed and also so that when it comes time for dancing, the volume won’t be offensive to those who want to sit. If your DJ ends up in a corner behind tables, he will have to make the sound twice as loud to be heard on the other end of the room than if he was in the center.
But most importantly, during things like intros, first dances and parent dances, it is important for you to have the ability to have eye contact with your DJ. During those times, many guests may stand to take pictures or video and the DJ’s vision will be blocked.

So when you’re sitting down to plan your seating arrangements, keep these helpful tips in mind. Your guests and your DJ will thank you.