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Wedding Planning – Where and when should your vendors eat?

Wedding planning – Where and when should your vendors eat?

You just finished your ceremony, formal pictures, and introductions. It’s time for dinner service for you and your guests. If you decide to be generous and offer your vendors a meal, that raises a few questions with your caterer. Where and when should your vendors eat?

In most venues, they ask that your vendors be served last after all of the guests have been served. Sometimes, in a vendor area down the hall or in another part of the venue is reserved for your wedding team. This ends up being rather tricky for your vendors as it is important for them to be with you for your reception.

From a videographer or photographer’s point of view, their job is to capture memorable moments. Some of these moments may happen during dinner. A family photo, or maybe you and your new spouse leaning in for a kiss at the head table. Either way, it’s important for them to be there so that you reap the benefits when it comes time to receive your wedding photos & videos.

From your Disc Jockey’s point of view, it is also very important that they stay with you. If for some reason a song during dinner service comes on a little louder than it should or maybe you have a request, or god forbid something happens with the sound system or lighting that requires immediate attention, your DJ will be right there to make sure everything is taken care of.
And last but not least, your parents dances, bouquet toss, cake cutting all come after dinner. And in order to keep the flow going, you want to make sure your DJ has enough time to get through their meal so they can keep things moving without unnecessary delays.

You are our number one priority on your special day. We want to have every opportunity to make your dream wedding come true!