Wedding planning – You can do that later…

Wedding planning – You’ve got tons of time. You can do that later…

Have you as a newly engaged couple heard these 2 statements recently?
It’s hard to fight back the excitement when the man or woman of your dreams asks your hand in marriage. You immediately start thinking about your dress on how it will look on you, the floral arrangements, and all of the wedding planning details great and small that you’ve been dreaming of since you were a little girl.

You’ve got a date in mind. Maybe it’s a year or two away. In your mind you’re thinking, “There’s so much to do! I better get started.” Your instinct is wise beyond comprehension. The people who tell you, “Meh, you’ve got time. Why worry about it now?” have either never planned a wedding or did it last minute. However, the brides that plan their weddings far in advance typically get everything they want and more!

But what if I’m on a budget? No problem. Think about it for a second. The more time you have to plan means the more time you have to save for the things most important to you. The venue should be the first thing you and your fiance check out.

The best wedding venues are usually booked up first so getting that taken care of before all else is essential. Go to many venues. See all there is available to you and then comfortably make your decision based on your venue. By doing this, you won’t have the stress of rushing everything and settling for less than a perfect venue. If you want your wedding at the most beautiful place in your area and not at the local VFW, you need to get out there before the next bride does..

Next, choose your wedding entertainment. Whether it’s a DJ or a band, these are the second to be booked quickly. The best DJs have a reputation for quality and tons of referrals so booking them early is important. By the same token, DON’T RUSH YOUR DECISION! Next to having a place for your reception, the entertainment is the second most valuable investment in your special day. From the ceremony to the last dance, your DJ serves as your wedding director, master of ceremonies, and your mouthpiece to deal with other wedding vendors to coordinate and execute all of the events of your reception. With that said, just like the venue, the first brides get what they want. The ones who wait leave a lot to chance and will more than likely have to settle for what ever is left.

Next, your photographer, videographer, and extras should be next.

As the old saying goes, “The early bird gets the worm.” There’s a lot of truth to that statement, So follow your gut, and plan early. It’ll be the best decision you make for your special day.