Wedding Proposal Fail: Guy falls from building while proposing to his girlfriend.

Wedding Proposal Fail: Guy falls from a building while proposing to his girlfriend.

We love YouTube. It gives us such gifts when we’re checking on the latest trends for weddings and events. It’s also great for couples to find ideas for their weddings as well. There’s wedding videos, highlight reels, a wedding proposal wins and a wedding proposal fail. Happy couples and Bridezillas. Good Disc Jockeys and the worst DJ ever. With all of these topics to choose from, there is no shortage of wedding entertainment on Youtube. It’s the new version of Americas Funniest Home videos. So when we came across this little gem, we had to share it.

2014 is the year of the prank. What many would hope for in a cutesy proposal video, for this new couple, caution is thrown to the wind. But as the new saying goes, “A couple that pranks together, stays together.” Let’s just hope the Mrs has a good sense of humor over her beau’s shenanigans. Check out the video and you’ll be saying, “OH MY GOD! I can’t believe what I just saw! This certainly gives new meaning to being head over heels in love with your girlfriend. She said JUMP and he asked “How high?” Ok, that’s enough.