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Ask your venue and photographers for referrals

Ask your venue and photographer for wedding dj referrals. You’ll be glad you did.

The freedom of choice. We love having the independence of having choices at the tips of our fingers thanks to the internet. With over 400 listed DJs in CT, it’s over-saturated at best. But, with that many choices, there is something for everyone out there. But how does one choose a wedding DJ? The same way someone might choose their favorite bar, restaurant, or vacation spot. Sure you can spend a lot of time and money on trying everything but, when someone says to you, “You’ve GOT to check this out. You’re going to LOVE it!” it sets a precedent. If someone else was so passionate about their experience, wouldn’t you want to check it out?

Wedding DJs are no exception. You’ve got tons of choices out there and not all the time in the world to give each one a good look. That’s where the experience of your venues, photographers, really come in handy. These vendors see HUNDREDS of wedding djs every year. They have a huge basis of comparison. And because of their extensive experience, you are the ultimate benefactor of all of that experience.

What does a venue or photographer look for in a quality wedding dj? Based on what venues like Hawks Landing, Grand Oak Villa, Wood Acre Farms, & Tower Ridge tell us, they look for wedding djs who immerse themselves in the entire experience and put their best foot forward always. From their presentation when they show up to the venue to set up for a couple’s wedding to the efficiency of their departure once it is all over and most importantly, how well the wedding flows with their catering staff.

For photographers like Fritz Photography, Stephen Wang, & Get the Picture ; they have told us time and time again that they enjoy wedding djs who are understanding of their need to capture as many great moments as possible and give time to them to get their job done as well as create happy moments for them to shoot.

When you’ve got a team that works well together, it’s a well oiled machine that stops at nothing to give you the best experience you could possibly imagine.