Weddings, Entertainment, and You

Weddings, Entertainment, and You

Just over a year ago a bride called our company inquiring about services for her special wedding day.

She is looking to make her wedding the perfect day with every detail. From the perfect facility ($15,000), the perfect dress ($8,000), open bar for 200, a 7 course meal. You get the idea.

So, when she found out what it would cost for me to entertain her and her guests, she simply gasped and said, “WOW! That’s a bit more than I wanted to spend” Once I explained just how much goes into the planning and customization that goes into her special day, she understood and decided she wanted even more.

Let’s think about what just happened there. With all of the other expenses incurred by the soon to be bride, the entertainment was simply an after thought. I asked myself a few questions after this consultation. “How many weddings have I attended? What did I remember the most? Did I enjoy myself? What made the experience enjoyable and memorable?” Was it the $8,000 dress? Or the $600 centerpieces that will eventually end up in the hands of the Maitre D’s girlfriend. No, what I remembered most was the entertainment.

In most instances only 5% of the total budget for a wedding is spent on entertainment. Yet it is the #1 part of the reception people remember the most. So how should you hire your entertainment for your special day?

#1 Ask questions!

A well seasoned wedding professional will know weddings inside and out and will ask you what your vision is for making your day a great experience.

#2 Look for organization.

If the DJ you are interviewing looks disheveled on your first meeting and doesn’t have a well thought out presentation for you, stop and ask yourself, “I wonder what he will be like on my wedding day.” A professional will come prepared to speak with you about your day and inform you of all of the options he can provide you to make your reception a success.

#3 Ask for a proof of insurance.

State and Federal law requires companies to carry liability insurance. Noone plans an accident. But they do happen. You wouldn’t drive without auto insurance would you?

#4 Ask to see a copy of a contract before you book with your DJ.

A contract is a legal agreement that ensures that your DJ will serve you and that you will pay for services rendered.

#5 Ask your DJ what they will do should there be an emergency?

Most mobile entertainment companies always have a backup dj should one be required. Backup equipment is also a must.

#6 Ask for testimonials and references.

Nothing will tell you more about the DJ you are about to hire than his previous customers. Check sites like weddingwire, theknot, and more for references and reviews.

#7 How much experience does your DJ have?

Most professional wedding entertainers go through training with other seasoned veterans before their first wedding. This prepares them for anything from how to read a crowd to equipment operation and everything in between.

#8 Don’t settle! Shop around.

You are making a large investment in the perfect wedding. Make sure you feel comfortable with your DJ. The most important factor in finding the right DJ is making sure they are a good fit.

#9 Find the best value.

Remember the old saying your parent’s used to say… “You get what you pay for”
Just like vehicles, tools, and appliances, the same rule applies to entertainment. Value is perception in the eye of the beholder. This being said, think of your entertainment is an investment not just music.

#10 Call your DJ frequently before your big day!

DJ’s need to know about changes sooner than later. This enables your DJ to make sure that your day runs smoothly as possible.

Follow these 10 simple steps when hiring an entertainer for your special day. And always remember, great entertainment makes for great memories. I hope you enjoyed this article. We look forward to hearing from you!