Wedding planning – The Wedding Timeline

The Wedding timeline are essential to keep everything running smoothly. There are so many working parts that have to come together in order to make sure that everything that you want for your special day happen where and when they are supposed to. So, how do you begin to plan the events of the day?

Your Master of Ceremonies/DJ will have the responsibility of a ‘wedding director’ of sorts making sure that every event during your reception will happen seamlessly. From your introductions to dinner service, parents dances and so on all the way to the last dance. It is important to be very detail oriented when planning out the timeline.

For instance, the order of events pertaining to parent dances, toasts, etc all happen in conjunction with dinner service. Your introductions will come first followed by a first dance. While that’s happening, your catering staff are getting salads ready to be brought out to your guests. Once your first dance is over, a toast is done. This will get your guests seated and allow the waitstaff to serve salads. After the toast, dinner begins. After your first course, your father/daughter dance will happen. With everyone seated, the tables will be cleared and prepared for the next course. Then the mother/son dance will happen and the 2nd course will be served. You return to the table and enjoy your meal. Soon after that, a bouquet toss will happen and again, the waitstaff will clear the tables once again and get them ready for wedding cake.You’ll be instructed to head to the cake table for a cake cutting and many guests may get up to take pictures of this fun moment. Soon after, the cake will be served and open dance begins. With everyone on the floor, the desert is cleared and the room is in party mode.

While all of these events are going on, your DJ will be communicating with your catering staff, photographer, videographer, and any other people in your wedding team to make sure that they get set up for important moments in your reception and in the end, giving you not only the best reception in regards to food and entertainment but photos and video to remember for years to come.

There may be differences from venue to venue but, a good Master of Ceremonies will be able to adapt seamlessly to any changes they need to make to make your reception the one you’ve always wanted.