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What exactly does a wedding DJ do?

What exactly does a wedding dj do?

From the WeddingWire Forums:
Dani writes:
I know that the DJ is there to play music, but when do they usually start and what else do they do other then play music after dinner?

My dad used to work with a guy that does DJing and it would be cheaper… but he would come in to set up then leave and be back after dinner to start working… isn’t there usually music during cocktails and dinner? I have the opportunity to go to an open house of my venues preferred DJ tonight but wanted an idea before I go of what services I should be looking for.
Wedding planning is something that most brides have never done before and many questions can come up during the planning process. This short list should give you an idea of what the responsibilities of your wedding dj are.
We meet with you to learn about what we can do to take care of your needs.
We will create a time line for your wedding to ensure everything runs smoothly
We will coordinate with your wedding vendor team to ensure that you are getting everything that you require on your wedding day.

We might stage photos for your photographer so that they capture every precious moment.
We might assist you/instruct you cutting your cake

By coordinating with your catering staff, and event manager, we ensure that your guests are served a hot meal and do not wait longer than necessary,
We provide music and entertainment for you and your guests to enjoy
If you choose to utilize lighting effects, we design the lighting that best suits the enhancement of the venue you’ve chosen.

Depending on your needs, we may set up 2 or 3 sound systems for your ceremony, reception, and cocktail space.

We calibrate the audio so that the music is at a comfortable level throughout your reception and important moments like toasts and speeches can be heard by everyone in attendance. In addition, We provide wireless microphones for toasts, etc.

We interact with your guests to create a fun and festive experience.

We take requests and blend them seamlessly throughout the evening

We read your guests and adapt the music so that there are no low points during dancing

We spend anywhere from 1-2 hours after you leave breaking down, packing, and loading the equipment necessary to make your wedding day a success.