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What kind of Wedding DJ are you?

“What kind of Wedding DJ are you? What style DJ are you?”

Besides, “How much?” or “what are your wedding dj prices, these are the two most common questions I hear at wedding appointments. I thought about it one day and tried to find a solid answer to this question and really came up short. It doesn’t really seem like that hard of a question.

The image and sound of a DJ is a bit of a stereotype. Back in the 80’s it may have been the mullet wearing rocker playing ‘Old Time Rock N Roll’ or the guy dressed in Adidas, gold chains and a Kangol cap playing Run DMC. Today we’ve got the trashy hipster EDM guys and then there’s Pauly D from the Jersey Shore.
In terms of Wedding DJs, the mid 40’s salt and pepper guy with swaggar like Dos Equis, a bright smile and golden microphone is what you might think of.

I am happy to announce that I am none of those things. I don’t fit into a stereotype. But that still begs the question, what kind of DJ am I? So here goes.

I wear many hats as a business owner, an audio and lighting engineer, an entertainer, and as a wedding planner.

From a business perspective, I’m all about service and taking care of the customer. Like Harold Webster Smith (founder of Webster Bank) had said, “If you take care of the customer, everything else takes care of itself.”

As an audio & lighting engineer, my job is to make things look and sound their best without being obtrusive to the surroundings we are working in. Noone enjoys a headache but people do appreciate good sound and tasteful lighting at an event. You won’t hear any feedback or eardrum shattering music at a Pryme Tyme event. But you will be able to talk to your fellow guests comfortably while still feeling the music in your chest when you want to.

As an entertainer, it’s simple. I am whatever you want me to be. If your event is more conservative, I can blend very easy into the background. If your event is high energy and unbridled showmanship is what you’re after, that can also be accommodated. If I were to describe my style in one word it would be, “versatile”.

From the wedding planner point of view, it’s much like the entertainer. Versatility is very important. There are so many venues who do things a little different from the next and you have to adapt to any changes to make sure that everything goes according to the couple’s wishes.

I hope this answers this common question. I look forward to being the entertainer that YOU want me to be.


What DJ style are you?