What kind of DJ are you?

What kind of DJ are you???

I often get asked at a meeting, what kind or style of DJ are you?

If you watch TV or surf YouTube long enough, you’ll see there are so many different types. The most notable DJs are not the ones that you see at a wedding. The tiestos, skrillexs, oakenfolds, and benassis of the world sell out arenas while playing techno & electronica.
The Funkmaster Flexs, the DJ Jazzy Jeffs, and Biz Markies of the world, you might find in a NYC hip hop spot or on the radio. And DJ Pauly D from the Jersey Shore… well you get the idea.

Those are just a few examples of different ‘style’ djs. But what about you? What about your wedding, school dance, or corporate event? What should you expect?

A mobile dj is just that.. Mobile. He travels from event to event specializing in many different musical tastes and styles and in order to make your event a success, he must be a master music programmer. He has to know what will make your 88 year old grand mother cut a rug and what will make your 16 year old cousin drop it low. He has to know where each song fits and in what order to keep your party going all night long.

So if you ask, what style DJ are you? The answer you will get is…

Any style you want.