Will your song requests make the final cut?

Dancefloor science – Will your song requests make the final cut?

Everyone has their favorite tune or band that they listen to. But how well do they translate to the dancefloor? Think about your ipod playlist or the radio station you listen to. What do you listen to while you’re at work, in the car driving home, or in the bar on a Thursday night?

Every song has a purpose. If you’re hanging out at your dad’s bar, he might be listening to the Bob Dylan or George Thoroughgood. If you’re in the car, maybe some uptempo rock or top 40 is in order. If you’re at work, more than likely your employer tunes into the ‘safe at work’ station that has the word ‘lite’ attatched to it.

But what about the dancefloor at a wedding, school, or corporate event. Chances are, you know what to expect from each. At a wedding, there are some standards that almost always get played. Things like Love Shack, Build me up Buttercup, and the YMCA are all time tested and proven floor fillers. Why? They just work. But what if you’re not into the standards and you want to hear some Manheim Steamroller? Chances are, it’s probably not going to happen. For no other reason other than, a DJ’s purpose is to play for the masses and their job is to pack the floor and keep it full.

Now, what if you’re the bride or groom? Does being the client give you any clout? Absolutely it does. You trust your DJ to make the right decision. After all, this is what you hired them for. Your favorite song may not lend itself to dancing. So where does it fit in? During cocktail hour or dinner service. Dinner is a great opportunity to ‘LISTEN’ to some great music. By playing some of your requests that aren’t danceable during dinner, this allows your guests to share in the joy of a personalized music selection by you. There’s no law that says, ‘KENNY G must be played during dinner.” It can be just about anything you want, within reason of course. Sepultura is probably a little difficult for some folks to digest. But, you get the idea.

So don’t worry about spending days on end thumbing through all of your MP3’s and creating a 5 hour long mix for your DJ to play. Trust your DJ and help them help you take the pressure off your shoulders. Give them a few suggestions that will tell them enough about your taste in music and like a tenured sommelier, they’ll be able to pair the perfect music for every occasion throughout the evening.

It’s our job to entertain. It’s your job to enjoy your special day. It’s all about you.