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Kaynor Tech 2014 Prom

On Friday April 25th, over 200 students from W.F. Kaynor Technical School made their way to Aria, CT’s newest event destination in Prospect.

With a ‘Great Gatsby’ themed prom, this was the perfect setting. Lavish chandeliers lined the majestic venue complimenting the imported italian marble on every surface. With exquisite cuisine and an atmosphere that would be the envy of a Kardashian, Kaynor’s prom was nothing short of magical.

We lined the ceiling above the dance floor with stars with our Dancing Under the Stars Effect. Once the house lights were turned down, students enjoyed dancing under the midnight sky.

To add some pop, we added our COLORWASH system to the floor and showered the guests in a vibrant and rich environment. Taking things a step further, our computerized Mobile Club intelligent lighting system kept things exciting in 180 degrees around Aria’s great ballroom.

As if the lighting wasn’t enough, we pulled out the stops in our audio department with our MAXX STAXX 10,000 Watt sound system that shook Aria to it’s foundation.

The anticipation from the administration and the staff were that no prom would last all night and guests were expected to leave early. That being said, we were out to debunk that theory. At the Prom’s conclusion at 11:30pm, we still had over 150 students.

We are happy to report that Kaynor’s 2014 prom was a success. Thank you to all who attended and chose us 2 years running for Kaynor’s prom. YOU GUYS ROCK!!!