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Wedding DJ / MC or both?

Sabrina writes:

Hello Brides! My future husband and I are at odds on whether or not we want an MC for our reception. We haven’t been to many weddings so I’m not sure what to do. Thoughts? Is it much of a difference if the wedding DJ plays great music?

Hi Sabrina!

Congratulations on your engagement. You asked a very good question. Yes, there is a difference between an emcee and a dj however, in terms of weddings, most DJs in CT do both. The master of ceremonies or MC, handles your timeline for your wedding. They are the keeper of the keys so to speak when it comes to letting your guests and vendor team when certain things are happening. A good example of this would be when your parents dances occur, your MC will be rounding up the other vendors to make sure that there is a photographer available to capture it. He’ll also let the event coordinator or venue manager know when this is happening to allow them to prepare for their next task. Your emcee is both a coach and an advocate to help you get the most out of your wedding.

Now, for the second question. Is it important if the DJ plays great music? YES! Absolutely yes. Because a wedding without the right music is just a fancy dinner. A wedding is a celebration. And what not a better way to celebrate than to hit the dancefloor with a hundred of your closest family and friends. A great dj will listen to your requests and blend them in with crowd favorites sure to keep guests entertained from first dance until it’s time to go.

When you pair a polished MC and experienced DJ, you and your guests can expect to be treated to a very exciting and seamless celebration.