Pryme Tyme Prom DJ to the RESCUE!

Pryme Tyme Prom DJ to the RESCUE!

I was sitting home on the first Friday night I have had off in quite some time. The house was quiet and my wife had taken my son to Pennsylvania for the weekend. I was sitting in my office contemplating what I might have for dinner when suddenly the phone rang.

It was one of my fellow colleages, Mike.

Me: Hello?
Mike: Hey guy! How ya doing?
Me: Not too bad. What’s up?
Mike: Hey, whatcha doin’ tonight?
Me: Nothin’. Why what’s up?
Mike: Feel like doing a prom?
Me: Ummmmm. Yeah! Sure. Why not. Give me the details.

Mike had told me that there was a school at the Aqua Turf Club in Plantsville who’s prom DJ was a no call no show for their prom. The students were arriving and sitting down to dinner when he had called. He said, “Ya better get movin. How long till you can get there?” “An hour” I replied.

I loaded my van faster than I ever had before and raced off to the Aqua Turf. Mike and Don (Assistant Manager at the Aqua Turf) helped me load in as quickly as possible and in 15 minutes flat, we had a 10,000 watt sound system and a simple color wash light show for the prom. Here is a video from that night…

I had found out a few weeks later that the prom DJ who was supposed to do the prom had closed his business and didn’t tell anyone. The school could not be more thankful and had invited PTE back the following week for their Junior Prom.

I had gotten a call just a few days after the junior prom from yet ANOTHER school who had paid their DJ in full and they had not heard from the company after countless attempts to contact them. I remember the adviser telling me, “One of our teachers saw your EMERGENCY PROM video on Facebook and said that you were able to save the day. If I can’t get a hold of this guy, can you be ready at a moments notice?” I happily replied, “I am at your service.”

Their DJ did eventually get back to them 24 hours before the prom and the show went on as scheduled. Both schools had chosen the bargain basement prom DJ for their prom and paid them in full. In the first instance, the school lost their money and now had to pay PTE for their Senior and Junior proms. And both schools were not met with the professional courtesy of open communication.

When choosing your entertainment for your next event… Be it a wedding, a prom, a sweet 16, or any other occasion, just remember one thing. You get one shot. Make it count. No one has ever left an event with the memory of chair covers and matching bows for each chair, the dinner rolls, or the chocolate fountain. They will however remember if they danced and enjoyed the evening. Your Prom is a once in a lifetime experience. Don’t you deserve the best?