Just another DJ

Just another DJ. What’s the big deal?


Just another DJ. What’s the big deal?

Yes. We went there.

What has been your experience with DJs in the past? Has it been so excrutiangly loud that your head pounded for days? Was it too quiet and announcements couldn’t be heard when the bride and groom were introduced? Or maybe it was the fog in the air that you were choking on. If all of these sound familiar, this is the article for you.

When we do an event, we are very organized and want to make sure that EVERY detail is gone through with a fine tooth comb before we proceed. That being said, everything from the sound coverage to the last light shining on the floor has a place and a purpose for your event.

For some DJs, the bare minimum is enough. And for others, bringing everything but the kitchen sink is perfectly acceptable. The important thing to remember is, every event is different and has different requirements. One set of speakers in a small or medium size room with 8ft ceilings may do the trick. If you’re in a 10,000 sq ft room at the Aqua Turf, 1 set of speakers is probably not enough. Not from a volume standpoint but from a coverage standpoint. Think of sound like a painter would paint.

You can paint a bathroom with a single gallon of paint. But if you are painting the exterior of a house, you need several gallons to get the job done or you will have missed spots and dead areas.

When you’re hiring your entertainment or event production company for your next event, make sure they have the tools for the job so that your attendees will go home happy.