Hollywood Wedding

Hollywood Theme Weddings – The must haves for your tinsel town wedding.

Hollywood Theme Weddings – The must haves for your tinsel town wedding.

Welcome to Hollywood California! Where stars are made and dreams come true.
So are you ready to plan your star studded theme weddings?
Hollywood is all about film. It’s about going over the top and creating the perfect dreamscape. So how do you get to that special place?

Whine and Cheese:
It’s your wedding and you want it perfect. At a Hollywood wedding, there’s no whining and no cheese. Class and sophistication are paramount.

A wedding of TITANIC proportions:
We don’t mean we want your wedding to sink to the depths of the atlantic throwing your groom overboard. Remember in the movie Titanic, it was around the twenties. Class and sophistication were in. The svelte black tie affair was in. Artists like George Clooney, Justin Timberlake, and of course Leonardo DiCaprio have all embraced this classic style. The most regal of locations with stunning architecture, artwork, decor, and cuising are paramount to pull an event like this off. Places like The Aqua Turf and Aria are the perfect location. Add a classic string ensemble for cocktail hour and you’ve got a wedding straight out of the roaring twenties.

Walk like a Kar-dash-i-an:
Kim’s FIRST wedding was Hollywood Chic to the max. An outdoor tented wedding with white linens cascading from the rooftop to the floor. Instead of christmas lights strewn about, colorful uplighting was used to change the ambiance of the all white wedding. White rose petals resting on the green grass down the aisle in between white upholstered chairs for those in attendance.

In the spotlight for your 15 minutes of fame:
If you’ve ever been to a movie premier or seen the famed 20th Century Fox intro, those bright searchlights are a must have. Let the world know where the party is. **Just a side note… We can get those for you too**
Ain’t no party like an after party…:
The after party is a MUST HAVE for your Hollywood inspired wedding. Large or small, you and your V.I.P.S can heat up the dancefloor into the early morning hours at a different location after your formal reception. Don’t want to travel? That’s ok. Check with your venue to grab the room next door for your after party.

Ride in Style:
The plain black limo is sooooo yesterday. If you really want to go out, try a horse drawn carriage or classic car.