Did you know that you can write off your wedding? It’s true. Take a look at tax deductible wedding.


Sabrina Rivers – Wedding Planner and Author of The tax deductible wedding

Can you really write off this wedding?

“Yes you can. Some of the four points that I like to talk about is location. Most people don’t realize that if you have your wedding at a museum or a historical house, zoo, or botanical garden, that is tax deductible because these places are considered non-profit. A lot of them have the 501-C3B designation by the government to be tax exempt.”

So in other words, the money you pay for your wedding reception is considered a charitable contribution?

” You may not be able to deduct all of it, but you will certainly be able to deduct a huge part of it.”

Now what about food? If the facility supplies the food and flowers, that can’t be tax deductible can it?

“Well, food and flowers can also be deductible. Different food banks have different restrictions but, you can certainly donate your food to a shelter, and your flowers can be donated to a children’s hospital, a Ronald McDonald house, or hospice. I am a hospice volunteer and people donate flowers all of the time. ”

And also, some people don’t usually think about this but, what are you going to do with your dress? A lot of people decide to save them for later, or you can also donate your dress to charities such as brides against cancer, or the salvation army, and even goodwill. That is also a tax deduction.

“Now here’s another idea. Have you ever thought about your honeymoon being tax deductible? You can take a volunteer vacation. There are global volunteers, Habitat for Humanity, the Sierra Club… You’re helping others and you’re getting a tax deduction. ”

“Some people, in lieu of wedding gifts, make charitable contributions. Everyone feels differently. You might get a few people who think it’s cheesy, and some others may be very very comfortable about helping others. There are lots of charitable places like the I Do Foundation located in Washington DC.”

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  1. OhYouKnow
    OhYouKnow says:

    The title is just wrong –there is one useless 15-page chapter about tax deductions. The author claims that the dress, the venue, the food, and the honeymoon can all be tax deductions. Her info is short-sighted or incorrect by omitted facts.

    The dress, maybe but I wouldn’t waste your time. Catering, unlikely to find a verified 503(c) to accept your day-old wilted salad and stale desserts. It won’t cover your $2000 catering costs, just $200 in leftovers that they’ve taken off your hands.

    Venue? If the VFW charges you $2500, then YOU are paying to access THEIR services, not the other way around. Only if you give them an additional no-strings-attached $2500 beyond fees to rent their facility can you deduct that number in taxes that year at all.

    Her tax-free honeymoon advice is to volunteer building schools in developing nations. How romantic!

    The rest of the book content is either now common knowledge, outdated advice, or filler.

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